Our Day at Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Last weekend we had a brilliant family afternoon out at Slimbridge Wetland and Wildfowl Trust. Ted is still having one nap a day starting late morning, so we normally will venture out after he has had his sleep so that we don’t have a grumpy, over-tired child on our hands! We arrived at Slimbridge in the mid-afternoon and it wasn’t too busy at all, which is what we like. We dressed Ted in his puddle suit and some shoes that we didn’t mind getting mucky. On entering the centre, you can buy bags of grain to feed the birds who eagerly greet you! There are lots of gorgeous birds, ducks and geese that I had never seen before – Ted got really excited shouting “DUCK DUCK QUACK QUACK” at all of them. He loved watching them swimming about and laughed his head off when they splashed in the water.

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We took Ted around the centre in the back carrier, but also let him run free which he absolutely loved. We used our Little Life toddler daysack with reins for the first time and were really impressed. We were able to give him some freedom but also had the peace of mind that he wasn’t going to leap into the ponds with the ducks! (He kept saying they were having a bath!) He didn’t seem to mind wearing them at all – they weren’t restrictive in any way and were a great help for when he is not so steady on his feet.

My highlight at Slimbridge was the Flamingo Lagoon – it was absolutely stunning to watch the flamingos from this great vantage point – and there were so many of them! Ted found them fascinating and was pointing to them saying “wow!” We spent a really long time here just watching these stunning creatures, and were lucky enough to be there whilst they were being fed. We also went to see the Otter Talk but Ted wanted to keep moving so we didn’t stay long. The otters were really beautiful but impossible to get a good photograph of from behind the glass! There is also an array of amphibians to check out at Toad Hall with a soft play area – such a great idea!

I think Ted’s favourite part would have been Welly Boot Land – a play area with running water throughout for children to splash about it. Note to self: Put child in wellies when in Welly Boot Land. He had a good run around and played on the round about with daddy, and we let him splash about in the water regardless of footwear! There is also a separate play park with slides, swings and climbing frames for children to enjoy.


IMG_20151018_172100  IMG_20151018_172226 IMG_20151018_172413IMG_20151026_120936

We had a really great family day together at Slimbridge – there is so much to do there, more than I have mentioned in this post. We went for the afternoon but I am sure older children would enjoy a whole day there, taking advantage of the activities they have on offer and not forgetting the cafe. Can you recommend any other great family days out in Bristol? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Xx

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