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Last week I took the plunge and joined Slimming World. I am now 3 months post-partum and really keen to lose some weight. I have enjoyed my first week following the plan and tried some new recipes which were successful. I have also upped my exercise – two dance classes a week, as well as trying to get out walking as much as possible with the boys. Steering the double buggy is an exercise in it’s self!

I have made a wish list of some things I have seen this week, mainly on Instagram, that seem to be great things to have if you are following the slimming world plan.

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Slimming World Recipe Book

I love trying out new recipes, especially if it is something we can all enjoy as a family and ever more so if they are budget friendly! There are lots of great recipe books from Slimming World and I am keeping my eye on some on eBay!

Hydrate M8 Water Bottle

It is said that drinking plenty of water aids weight loss, and you are encouraged to drink lots of water on the Slimming World plan. I have seen lots of people using these ‘motivational’ water bottles to keep tabs on their fluid intake. I think they are a fab idea and it would certainly help me to drink enough throughout the day.

Fitbit Alta

I love Fitbits! I recently dug out my very neglected Fitbit Charge and unfortunately it isn’t working 🙁 I was really hoping to use it to keep tabs on how much I am moving every day and to keep track of my Body Magic (but avoid looking at how much sleep I am not getting…!) I really like the new Fitbit Alta, it is slimmer than the charge and comes in purple…. always a win in my eyes.

Twinning’s Cherry Bakewell Green Tea

Green Tea is meant to help speed up your metabolism, so I have been having a cup of it every morning with my breakfast. Sometimes it can be a little bitter, so I would love to try these!

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

This was on offer in ASDA this week so I bought it after seeing so many recipes which used this. I have used it to make Slimming World chocolates (vanilla Muller Light, options hot chocolate and a tablespoon on this into ice cube trays and frozen – delish!) It’s great to have when you fancy something sweet and I can’t wait to try making lots of things with it.

Fox and Moon Planners

This is another product I have seen on Instagram and I really want one! They are brilliant food planners that allow you to plan your weekly meals to help you stay on course, as well as record your syns, water in-take and exercise. You can have a custom designed cover too!

(The shop is currently closed but we will re-open on April 29th)

Hi-Fi Bars

Everyone who does Slimming World knows about Hi-Fi bars and I am yet to try them. They can be used for one of your Healty Extras and I have seen an advert for jam roly poly flavour…! I am going to have a look at them in group tonight.


One Mikado stick is just half a syn! So these would be great to have for a treat without over indulging – you could eat a whole box and still be within your syn limit. (Not that I would ever do that…!)

I have my first weigh-in tonight after a week on plan – wish me luck! Do you follow Slimming World? I’d love some tips or recipes! xx

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3 thoughts on “My Slimming World Wish List

  1. Fabulous post! I really ant to go back to slimming world but I’m so skint!
    I actually have that recipe book. I think on page 40 (could be wrong, could even be the wrong book) there is a recipe for chicken and bacon rosti pots – They are delicious! Check them out!
    Good luck with your first weigh in xxx

  2. Oooh what a fabulous wishlist 🙂
    I had NO idea that they did cherry bakewell green tea, that’s awesome, I think I might have to buy some!
    I need a water bottle as well and I’ve been looking at these too. I definitely don’t drink enough.
    We have a SW book that is fab for finding new recipes and it’s all cheap and easy too.
    Best of luck with your weight loss journey m’dear!
    X X


  3. How are you getting on in your first few weeks of SW?

    This is a fab wishlist and I absolutely love the sound of the Cherry Bakewell green tea. I’m a huge fan of green tea and like to try it with different flavours.

    I’m really tempted to buy a Fitbit as I think it’d keep me more motivated to stay as active as possible.

    Hope you’re all well and thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky

    Laura x

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