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When I heard about the new raspberry doughnut flavour Muller light, I had this idea straight away – to try and make something that resembled a doughnut but that was still on plan! I love doughnuts – they are so asthetically pleasing, colourful and sweet and something I would all too often treat myself to. I have been trying to track this yogurt down since they day they were launched – and it has taken me over a week to get my hands on it! I have had it substituted in my on-line food shop twice, and multiple visits to ASDA and Tesco were fruitless. I found it today in Morrisons, who by the way do an amazing skinny Lambrini which is only 3 syns for 125l – perfect if you are missing wine! (Obviouisly I got some of this too…)



So… The doughnuts.

Obviously…. they aren’t actual doughnuts. Because they would be far too high in syns. I made these in the same way I would make baked oats. I ordered a doughnut silicone mould from ebay in order to create my doughnuts shapes. I measured 40g of oats (if not using as your healthy extra b they are 7 syns) and mixed with one egg and the muller rapsberry doughnut yogurt. I then sprayed the silicone mould with fryllight and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes on 180. When they were nice and firm, I took them out of the oven and left to cool. Once cooled, I topped them with sweetened pink quark (quark is free, pink food colouring is free, and I used vanilla skinny syrup to taste, also free!) by dipping them in the mixture for an even spread. I then used 2 teaspoons of the rainbow sprinkles to decorate which work out as 1 syn per teaspoon – and surprisingly a teaspoon goes a long way. 2 teaspoons covered all of them with some left over.



And there we have it! Slimming World friendly doughnuts. I think they would make a great breakfast served with a speedy fruit salad, or great as an alternative to cakes if you have an event or special occassion coming up. I can already think of lots of different flavour combinations and will definitely make them again. These ones taste really good – perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me!





These worked out at just 2 syns for all 6…….. amazing! Make sure you double check the syn values of your ingredients to protect your weightloss.

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