Gift Knitting

Cute knitted blanket Xx

Today is the 1st birthday of a very special little girl. I wanted to knit her something to keep but with the sun trying to shine, I didn’t think a set of knitted booties and a hat would quite cut it, so instead I knitted her a little snuggly blanket. I made it with 3 balls of this lovely King Cole Comfort Multi-Chunky – it is so soft and knits up lovely, changing colour as you go. 

I have often tried to scope the internet for knitted gift ideas for my friends and family – I think it is so nice to be able to give them something that has been handmade especially for them… the only challenge is trying to find something that they will use or wear. My immediate family all own a Forget Me Knit scarf, so I am going to have to look further afield for my next gift project. 

I just like the idea of being able to give a gift that no-one else has, and it is so nice to wrap it up carefully in tissue paper and ribbon. 

What would you like to receive as a knitted gift?




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