The Great British Craft Revolution

My day learning to sew (and eating cake…)

Something is happening. Something rather exciting.

We are turning into a nation of doers and makers. Gone are the days of evening spent watching Big Brother and browsing ASOS, we are now using our own fair hands to craft our clothing or bake something rather spectacular. We love a good chinz teapot and a cup cake stand filled with our own creations. All things vintage are now on trend. And I for one, bloody love it.

There are some amazing vintage fairs up and down the country and people flock to them in their hundreds to get their hands on a pre-loved polka dot tea dress. We are starting to look at fashion in a different way, and want to own unique and interesting garments that have their own story. Better than that, we are starting to make our own clothes too. The Great British Sewing Bee is making the craft accessible to all, and inspiring people to get behind that old singer sewing machine that mum has in a cupboard. Winkleman’s dramatic narration brings excitement to the program, and her epic fringe is the icing on the home-made cake for me. (love a good fringe)

There is something really special about hand-made, if you are not already making, why not check out your local community and see what craft workshops are out there. Learning a new skill is really satisfying and you can start owning things that you really love, or making really personal gifts.

Of course, my craft of choice will always be knitting!



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