Arthur’s 8 Month Update

Arthur is now 8 months (and 2 days!) old and he really is a star. My last update was when he was 4 months old and his sleep had gone out the window, but I am pleased to say he is doing really well now. We went through a spell of 2 wake ups a night, and recently he is just waking once for a feed and then going back to sleep. He usually sleeps in until 8am if we are lucky, too! It was a difficult few months of no sleep so this is a welcome improvement. Naps are still a bit hit and miss – if we have had a morning at home he goes down really well but if we have done the pre-school run for Ted he just won’t go down once we get back – it is so strange!

He is crawling like a pro and has been for 2 months now, and he is also pulling himself up to standing and cruising around the furniture in the lounge. He is really strong and steady on his feet and loves being on the move. He just wants to catch up with his big brother! He loves to wave enthusiastically at you and will also clap – it is so cute. He is babbling away with a definite ‘Dada’ but I am yet to hear ‘Mama!’

He absolutely loves his food and is a brilliant eater. He really likes feeding himself and I am so surprised by the things he can eat, considering he has no teeth! He will try anything we offer him and eats the same as us at meal times. He is fast growing out of his 6-9 month clothes and moving in to 9-12 months. He is on the 91st percentile and is just starting to be more interested in food than milk, so having 2 bottles a day and 1 over night.

He has a lovely temperament and is really easy to take out and about, he loves smiling at strangers and pretty content. He is really interacting with Ted and they are starting to really play together – it’s lovely to watch.

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