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Hooray for Autumn, my favourite of all the seasons! There is just so much to like about it – the beautiful colours, the crisp, bright days and the need for cosy knitwear. I just love it! We have been trying to get out and about as much as possible to enjoy this stunning season and with a little help from Mamia at Aldi. A successful day out for us usually revolves around snacks… My bag is always full of tasty treats for the boys to keep them fuelled for the day (and maybe to use for the odd bribe here and there!) We are big fans of Aldi and loved our hamper of goodies that we were sent from the Mamia range – which is perfect for both boys. The range consists of fruit pouches and pots, rice cakes and flavoured spring water and it is all 100% organic.


I love that the boys are now able to eat similar foods – Arthur will happily suck on a rice cake while Ted will eat them out of the packet on a long car journey. They both really enjoy their food and the rice cakes have been a hit with both. We use the fruit pots on top of porridge before a long day out to keep them full and fuelled for the day. I have found that the fruit pots can be quite expensive, but at just 89p for 4 they are a bargain from Aldi. The boys also love the fruit pouches, and drink them like a smoothie!

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We recently went out for the day to Oldbury Court Estate, it was a gorgeous Autumnal day with a definite chill in the air. I dressed the boys in warmer clothes than usual, made them a lunchbox each and packed plenty of snacks. Other must-haves I pack for a day out are a change of clothes for each of them, their puddle suits in case the weather turns on us and of course nappies and wipes.

20161002_100213   20161002_100840


I have learnt from experience that we have the best days out if we are just outside in the open, with no schedule or main attraction. We love to just explore the great outdoors and take our time – go where the mood takes us. Armed with nothing but a bucket, Ted enjoyed collecting conkers, leaves, feathers and stones – or as he calls it, ‘treasure’. He can hear even the faintest noise in this distance and can run for miles and miles – his energy knows no bounds. The only time I can get him to stop if by offering him food! He is so curious and loves the freedom of being outside.

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