Pregnant and Missing Out!

Today my bride-to-be best friend is heading to Paris for a weekend of Disney magic with a gaggle of hen friends. It is with a heavy heart I write that I won’t be going. Although I am honoured to be a bridesmaid on her special day in 3 weeks time, I decided to bow out of a hen-do trip at 31 weeks pregnant.

I first met Maxine in 2005, as fresh-faced freshers at Roehampton University. We were two eager 18 year olds both studying dance with some form writing. (Me, English Literature, She, Creative Writing) It seemed this winning choice of subjects saw us in a lot of the same lectures and practical dance classes. Maxine: academic, organised, driven,  seemed to enjoy my completely opposite approach to life at University. We lived in the same shared accommodation for our first year, and our friendship has got stronger from there.


Although neither of us are originally from Bristol, 10 years later we both find ourselves here after a decade of different experiences but still very much great friends. Over these years we have been to many shows together – our love of the theatre is a strong theme in our friendship. We both love watching live performances and whenever we can get tickets, we will go together. Maxine was a bridesmaid when I got married in 2012 and I am really looking forward to being hers next month at a casual 34 weeks pregnant. Maxine has been very accommodating to a pregnant bridesmaid, finding a beautiful preggo-friendly dress and flat shoes!

Maxine and I on my wedding day x

 I am really sad to be missing Maxine’s hen-do at Disneyland Paris, but after lots of going back and forth I decided it was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to be the Debbie Downer who wasn’t drinking, who was really tired, unable to go on the rides and struggling to walk around the park. I wanted everyone to have an awesome time and thought I would change the vibe. Maxine totally understood and I know her sister and friends will make sure she has the best hen-do ever! I will just have to enjoy the photos on Facebook. (Which there are some already!) I made her a bag of tricks to take with her to let her know I will be thinking about her this weekend. The the count down to the big day begins!


Have an amazing time, Maxine!

Have you been on a hen-do heavily pregnant? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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