10 Signs You’re a Mum in Kingswood

  1. Your peacefully napping child has been woken at least once by the shouty fruit and veg man outside Turners
  2. You bump into at least 3 people you know when it’s the Aldi Baby and Toddler Event
  3. The thought of having to go out and get something all the way from Cribbs Causeway fills you with dread
  4. You have done at least one term of Baby Sensory “Say Helloooo to the sun”
  5. Any birthday cake you have ever needed has come from Have Your Cake and Eat It
  6. After driving round trying to get your child to nap you inexplicably find yourself at the McDonalds Drive-Thru in Longwell Green (please don’t let this just be me!)
  7. You have spent at least one rainy afternoon inside Castaways
  8. You always run into someone you know in ASDA on the day where you have had no sleep and look and feel like crap
  9. Don’t know what to do today? You head to Grimsbury Farm. It’s free and there are piglets!
  10. If you’re feeling brave you might go to St. George’s Park. But seriously why is that water so green!?

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