Bristots Review – St. George Park

If you’ve been able to look past the slightly worrying green and murky expanse of water, you will know that St. George’s Park is an excellent place to go with your toddler in Bristol.

Seriously, it was pretty green

The good news is that in recent weeks, work has been carried out to relocate the fish from the lake and drain it. It has then been inspected and had any rubbish removed and is now ready to be refilled. You can read more about it here. It is currently fenced off but will soon be accessible again, with lovely fresh water and a smattering of swans. so if you were once put off by the green water, it’s time to give it another go!

The main attraction at St. George’s Park is the skate park – which is actually a ‘wheels park’ meaning it can be used by anything on wheels. Although this may not seem toddler friendly initially, I have actually seen lots of pre-schoolers doing pretty awesome stunts on scooters in the park, as well as being impressed by the older children being careful and kind to the smaller ones. I can’t wait until Ted is old enough to have go!

Until then, he loves the play area – complete with swings, slides, a see-saw and a toddler sand pit (to name a few!). The play park is dog free and toddlers are safe to run around in the enclosed space.


Other facilities include a tennis court, basketball pitch and bowls green. There is also a brilliant measured walk – great for parents who fancy a bit of exercise themselves –  have a run, jog or leisurely push with the stroller around this handy route.

If you are lucky there will be an ice-cream van on site, but there is also a cafe kiosk with outdoor seating. Alternatively, in the warmer months, take a picnic and find a peaceful spot set back from the bustle of the park. There is so much green space – maybe take a ball along with you too!


I love how the original Victorian entrance is set against the modern street art littered across the park. What’s more, St. George Park is conveniently wedged between a library and an Aldi, which makes an epic (I am a stay-at-home mum) morning – Toddler group at the library, food shop and let off steam at the park – perfect!

St. George Park also hosts a brilliant family friendly festival in the summer called Redfest which is well worth checking out!

#Bristots Roundup

  • Where is St George Park? St George’s Park, Church Road, St George, Bristol BS5
  • When is it open? St George Park is open at all times
  • How much does it cost? Free!
  • What facilities are on site? Toilets, Cafe, Play area, Multi-use games area, skate park, picnic tables, measured walk
  • Is it pushchair/wheelchair accessible? Yes
  • Is there parking? Yes, and it’s free for 2 hours.

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  1. This is one of our favourites! It has so much to offer and that ice cream van seems to be there most of the year 😜 Great for dog walking as its hilly and tires..well everyone out!

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