Introducing: #Bristots

I am so excited to introduce to you a new series on the blog: #Bristots!

I will be collaborating with fellow Bristol dwellers The Reed family who write over at It’s a Bug’s Life to review toddler friendly family days out here in the South West. Kate, mum to Darcey and a dear friend of mine in real life, makes the most of every weekend as a full-time working mum. The Reeds are a really active and outdoorsy family who are Bristol born and bred and love to get out and explore. We are not originally from Bristol ourselves but have lived here for five years now and feel lucky to be raising a family in such a vibrant and exciting city.


Meet the Reeds….
…and The Morgans!

There is always something to do here – a family festival, a park, a community farm – the list is endless. We wanted to get together and explore all that Bristol has to offer and share our findings with other parents. We will be taking it in turns every Sunday to review and share with you a place we have been and hopefully give tips on making a fun family day out at these locations. We are planning some joint expeditions too so look out for Double Trouble! We will be exploring a variety of places – many which don’t cost a penny to go to, as we know full well that every family has a budget. You will find us with flasks, lunch boxes and wet weather gear ready to make the most of our day.

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We will be using the hashtag #Bristots so it will be easy for you to find us online and follow along with our journey. We would love to hear from other Bristol parents who may have suggestions of places for us to visit or that they would like us to review. You can leave a comment below or tweet us – we would love to hear from you! Xx

Kate – @itsabugslife29

Me – @ForgetMeKnit

So far in the series:

Brandon Hill

Grimsbury Farm

The Blue Bowl Hanham

Windmill City Hill Farm

Warmley Waiting Room

Vassal’s Park

St George Park




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  1. […] We aren’t originally from Bristol but have lived here for 5 years now and we love it. It is such an amazing City and there is always really great things going on. We try to get out there and enjoy it as much as possible! It is a really child-friendly place to live and there is always something to do or somewhere to go. There are amazing festivals over the summer and lots of places to visit. We are going to make a real effort to enjoy all Bristol has to offer this year, and will be documenting it in a blog series called #Bristots with my lovely friend Kate from It’s a Bug’s Life. See what we’ve been up to here. […]

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