At the weekend we visited the Instagrammers paradise, the pumpkin patch. We headed to Farrington’s Farm in Farrington Gurney after seeing all the fun activities they have there for familes to enjoy. Ted and Arthur both had their nursery room bears for the weekend, so we took them along with us too to some sweet photographs to go in their journals.

We went pretty early and were one of the first cars in the car park. We asked a helpful steward to explain to us how everything worked, collected a wheelbarrow and set off into the field. The boys enjoyed exploring the different shapes and sizes and colours and finally settled on a small sized pumpkin each. We washed and scrubbed them at the cleaning station and then headed into the barn. The pumpkins were reasonable priced at £2.50 each, and for £3 each they could get a stamp to try the various activities on offer and for a carving set. We sat down together as a family to carve faces into their pumpkins which the boys loved, and Ted got his face painted. We had a quick photo op onsome hay bales and headed over to the tractor ride. At this point, the car park was full and there were queues at every station. We made it on to the tractor ride which was really sweet and good fun. By the time we had finished, the whole place was absolutely full of people, and we decided to head off. We enjoyed it while we were there but if we had come any later I think it would have been a different story. There were some activities we missed like story time, but to be honest the boys wouldn’t really had sat still through it anyway.


Here are some of the photos we took, I love the bright pop of the orange pumpkins and the backdrop of the moody grey sky.

img_20171015_125144_245 img_20171015_125144_247 img_20171015_125144_248 img_20171015_125144_263 img_20171019_194855_318 img_20171019_194855_319



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