Ted’s Christmas Eve Box

It is officially just one month until Christmas Eve! This year we are starting some new traditions over the Christmas period which I hope will become part of Ted’s childhood and bring memories of Christmas. The first tradition we are starting is a Christmas Eve box – I have seen these becoming more and more popular over the last few years and think it is a really nice thing to do. There are so many great ideas of things to include in the boxes and as we are on a bit of a budget I thought I would share the things I have included in ours:

Santa is Coming to Bristol book


I absolutely love anything that is personalised or tailored to your child or environment. These beautiful books follow the story of “The Night Before Christmas” but in your specific town or city, ours being Bristol. It mentions key landmarks in your area which I think is a lovely touch. This will be a great book to bring out again and again every year. I got mine from eBay from a book depository shop for just ¬£3! You could also try Amazon Market place to get yourself a bargain.

My Baby Pajamas – Christmas PJs


There is nothing better than a pair of festive pyjamas and we were lucky enough to be sent a pair to include in this post. Whilst My Baby Pyjamas is based in the USA, they ship to the UK at a really reasonable price and quickly too! They stock a wide range of nightwear including sleepsuits and rompers, and have a fantastic range of festive prints. You could order now and they would be here in time for Christmas Eve – it takes up to a week to ship to the UK, so plenty of time. We love our gorgeous red and green striped long john style pyjamas – they are so soft at 100% cotton. Ted is going to look adorable when he wakes up on Christmas Eve dressed like a little elf! They have lots of other designs including snowmen, santa, christmas trees and more – and you can even get a pair for yourself too! If you are looking for a great pair of Christmas Pyjamas – check out My Baby Pajamas now!

Father Christmas Milk Bottle and Plate


I have seen lots of Christmas Eve boxes that include a plate to leave out for Santa. I really like the idea, but think it is a concept that will totally be lost on Ted at his age, so instead I have chosen a plate and drinking bottle for him! I love the style of the milk bottle and he loves to drink from a straw, so I thought it would be perfect. I also think it will be nice to snuggle down on Christmas Eve on the sofa with a festive treat, so I included the matching plate. He may even eat his Christmas Dinner from it! (he also may just throw it on the floor…) I got both of these items from Matalan – they have an amazing Christmas range in, I love all their homeware items and these were really reasonably priced. I would really recommend having a look on their website but be warned… you will want everything!

Christmas Slipper Socks


These are a gift from Ted’s Aunty Amelia to include in his Christmas Eve Box. They come in a pack of three with a different festive print on each pair. They have grips on the bottom and are really cosy and soft. They will be great to wear with his Christmas pyjamas and keep his little feet warm! They are from the Nutmeg clothing range at Morrisons – another great range of affordable and good quality clothes!

Mike the Knight Activity Book – The Knight Before Christmas


I bought this mainly based on the excellent pun. Ted loves watching Mike the Knight and this was an absolute bargain from The Works. They did an amazing deal on children’s books last month so I stocked up for Christmas gifts and this caught my eye. It will be nice to do some colouring and stickering together too!

Santa Hat


Every toddler needs a Santa hat, right…? Again this is something I saw and thought “Yes, we definitely need that.” I think I was just taken by a tiny person sized Santa hat. Another bargain from Matalan!


There are so many other ideas you can include and as you can see we have kept ours quite modest to suit our budget. I might bake some gingerbread men to add to the box and maybe pop in a cuddly toy. I am sure we will also settle down to a Christmas film and hang his stocking by the fire place to add to our family traditions. I am starting to get really excited now…!

What will you be doing on Christmas Eve? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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