Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bomb on College Green


One day this week I was unusually early for work, so decided to take a stroll around College Green, I was so pleased to stumble upon this beautifully colourful yarn bomb, peeping through the trees. It was made from a combination of crochet and knitting, a perfect tree cosy. Upon further inspection, I found the calling card of ‘Knitiffi‘ and I did a little research to find out more. Knitiffi is a collective of knit artists in Bristol, who’s mission is ‘to make the world a brighter, happier place!” This piece was created at a well-being workshop, and it certainly cheered up my morning.

Bristol is such a creative city, there are always interesting things like this popping up. For example – just a few weeks ago, a giant crochet doily appeared under a bridge; last year, a cape appeared on a statue of Queen Victoria. It really adds colour to the landscape and gives people something to talk about.

I would love to be involved in a project like this, so will be keeping my eyes open to see how I can go about it.


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