Bake away the boredom


Well… I am officially bored! I stopped working a while ago now and since then I have tried to be pretty active – popping to the shops, swimming and visiting friends. It is now just too hot for me and I am too heavy, and much prefer being at home. However, I am worried if I plant myself on the sofa all day the baby will never come out! I still want to be productive and not lose my mind to day-time TV (which really is terrible!)

Today I decided I was going to do some baking. Since being pregnant I have been partial to all things peanut butter based – thank goodness they changed the guidelines when it comes to eating nuts during pregnancy! So I made some chocolate and peanut butter brownies, and here is how I did it:



150g dark chocolate

250g crunchy peanut butter

280g soft light brown sugar

100g self-raising flour

50g chocolate chips

3 medium eggs

(I got all the Sainsbury’s basics of these and it has turned out really well)

Firstly I melted the dark chocolate and 220g of the crunchy peanut butter in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water using a wooden spoon. Once it was all melted I gradually added the sugar, the eggs (which I had pre-beaten in a jug) and the flour until it was a nice thick mixture. I then added the chocolate chips and poured the whole mixture into a lined baking tin. (20cm x 20cm)

I then melted the remaining peanut butter and drizzled it over the top before popping it in the oven until there was a crust on the outside but it still felt gooey inside. (3o minutes at 180 degrees) Left to cool and then cut into 16 squares, ta dah! ( Yes there are 15 squares in the picture… not sure how that happened… 😉 )

I also made a strawberry flan but I made it all by cheating… so can’t really call that baking. (Pre-made flan case, strawberries, quick setting jelly!) But I thought hubby would like it.


 Really pleased with how everything has turned out, and certainly kept me busy and on my feet today. What should I do next?!



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