My Baking Spree

Yesterday I had a sudden burst of energy, and decided to take advantage of my husband being home for the afternoon and did some baking. I posted some pictures on Instagram and Facebook and a few people asked me for the recipe, so I thought I would post them in here. I am pretty rubbish at following a recipe verbatim, so each was tweaked slightly as I went along.

Savory Muffins – based on recipe here


I made these for Ted using silicone cases and instead of using bacon I used ham, and topped them with a bit of tomato. I am really pleased with how they turned out and would definitely make them again. He seemed to like them too! I really want to make him some fruit muffins too, with banana or blueberries, and have some frozen. I love baking for Ted and it seems worth it now that he actually eats it instead of throwing it on the floor!

Slow Cooker Chocolate Orange Cake – based on recipe here


Yep, I made a sponge cake in the slow cooker. I am as surprised as you are. I wanted to try it out and wasn’t holding out much hope, but it turned out really well. Aside from some burning on one side, It was cooked to perfection – really moist and tasty. I had it with custard and a cup of tea as a treat once Ted had gone to sleep. My husband doesn’t really eat sweet things but even he enjoyed it! Definitely going to try doing other bakes in the slow cooker.

I am loving all the programmes at the moment about how to save money and not waste food – it has given me a real kick up the backside to plan our meals, buy fresh veg from the grocers and make sure it gets used. It is really satisfying to cook a good meal for my family instead of taking short cuts as I so often do. I love it when Autumn hits and the slow cooker comes out – I made a bolagnese in it yesterday and today we will be having a lovely beef casserole. Really hoping to experiment with it this year and make some lovely meals. It really is ideal – I prep all the veg and put it on when Ted has his nap, and that’s it – I don’t have to give dinner a second thought. What do you make in your slow cooker? I would love some new recipes, please share them below in the comments! Xx

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0 thoughts on “My Baking Spree

  1. Sarah, thanks so much for sharing the muffin recipe. They look delicious and am really looking forward to making them. Totally with you on not wasting food – I can’t bear it. I don’t have a slow cooker although you’re definitely convincing me I should. One thing I always do if I’m making chili, bolognese etc is double up on the quantity and put half in the freezer for another day. So nice to have a home cooked meal on the days you don’t feel like cooking – you’ll have a lot of those days once baby no. 2 arrives 🙂 Really enjoying your blog.

    1. Hi Hannah! Lovely to hear from you from across the pond! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 I hope Maggie and Kate enjoy the muffins, you will have to let me know how it goes. You definitely need to get a slow cooker! (Do they call them ‘crockpots’ in the States?) Mine is a life savour and lovely in the Autumn/Winter. Good idea about freezing meals, I am definitely going to have to do that when it gets near to my due date! xxx

  2. Oh wow, I want to try that slow cooker cake! Im doing the Clean 9 at the mo, Im on day 2 of no eating so this just made me very hungry hehe. I think I should treat myself to a slow cooker cake when Im done! haha

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