Slimming World Chocolates


Don’t get excited.  They aren’t exactly chocolates.
But they are the perfect thing to reach for when you NEED chocolate but don’t have enough syns left. I saw somebody had made this on a Facebook group I am in, so I have had a play around and this is my quick little recipe for Slimming World friendly chocolates.
By the point you will see that this is really just frozen yogurt… in an ice cube tray. And you would be right. I take a Muller Light (free), a sachet of Options hot chocolate (2 Syns) and two teaspoons of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (1 syn). Mix it all together and spoon it into an ice cube tray, freeze and Voila!
Super low syn chocolate-esque treats. My favourite is using a strawberry Muller Light – I think they taste like Cadbury Roses Strawberry Dream!
You can experiment with different flavour yogurts and Options – chocolate orange, mint and toffee to name a few! I always have these in the freezer for the moments when only chocolate will do!
What is your go-to when you fancy chocolate? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

3 thoughts on “Slimming World Chocolates

  1. Cadbury highlights with quark layered with a toffee Greek yoghurt. It’s like one of those posh layered desserts in the yoghurt section that are about a zillion syns. A teaspoon of choc shot on top makes it extra chocolatey. Your chocolates look good, I might give them a go later.

  2. Great idea with the frozen yoghurt chocolates though how many syns would just one be if that’s 3 syns for the whole thing? Sorry if that’s a stupId question.

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