To raspberry leaf tea or not to raspberry leaf tea?

Since being pregnant I have relied on Dr. Google and pregnancy forums to help me research and make decisions. One thing often talked about is the use of raspberry leaf tea, which some people believe shortens the second stage of labour and prepares the uterus. There has been little scientific research into the subject, and there is no conclusive evidence that this is true. I have read reports of it being a God-send, to one lady claiming she took one sip and went into labour! Some of my close friends drank it in their pregnancy with no problems. I have been keen to try it, but thought I would wait until I was 36 weeks – enough time for it to make a difference (if indeed it does at all!) but not too soon that it would make me worry. I bought my teabags from Holland and Barratt who often have deals going.

So I am now at 36 weeks and it is probably the hottest day of the year so far… the last thing I fancy is a hot cup of tea! Then somebody told me that they were also heavily pregnant during the summer and made raspberry leaf iced tea to sip on. What a good idea! So I have given it a try today and think it tastes lovely. Here is how I did it:


I popped a raspberry leaf teabag into a fairly large mug, put in a slice of lemon and 2 squirts of honey, and allowed it to steep for 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes I threw the teabag away and let the tea cool down, before putting it in the fridge to chill. Then, to serve I put it in a jug with loads of ice cubes, more lemon and topped it up with water. Yummy!


Very refreshing on a hot day like today – I think next time I will add less water for more flavour.

* Remember – this is my personal choice – make sure you do your own research or even speak to your midwife before you drink raspberry leaf tea *


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