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Since living in Bristol I have dabbled in a few things… hooping, swimming, various dance classes, aerobics… unfortunately nothing really “clicked” for me or became a regular part of my routine.  It would appear the activity I have become most passionate about involves me sitting down.

For some reason unknown to me,  on August 31st 2012 I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. I can’t remember why this was, but I went and bought some purple yarn and a pair of needles to embark on this task. 4 hours in front of YouTube and I could not fathom a single stitch, until a tutorial by a seven year old girl finally made sense to me. I knitted a wonky, holey purple block of stitches and from then on I was hooked. I have since managed to knit baby booties, a Christmas stocking, several attractive scarves, and knitted flowers and bows.

I have been exposed to a new world of craft and colour. There is so much to learn – so many variations and abbreviations that I have needed some help! I have had a couple of lessons from a really talented and lovely Bristol based knitter, The Homemade Mama, who corrected my self-taught technique and gave me some good tips to set me on my way. I will be going to more of her workshops in March.  I have also been going to a knitting course since January to start learning more. My mum is a brilliant knitter and she helps me too!

Knitting has proved to be almost therapeutic, it is really relaxing and there is a great sense of achievement when you have actually managed to create something. There is a big community in Bristol of knitters and crafters which I would like to immerse myself in once I am a bit better at it!

I love all of the knitting magazines and plan to blog about the wonderful things I see and my learning journey. Typical of me, I have now decided I want to own a wool shop and knit all day – drinking tea, chatting with other knitters and whipping up jumpers. I hope to be a good knitter by the time Autumn comes and do some craft fairs… watch this space!


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