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As a notoriously messy human-being, I took the opportunity of this bank holiday weekend to have a massive clear out. My wardrobe needed some serious sorting and it wasn’t long before I had big black bags full of things to take to the clothes bank. There is nothing more satisfying then having a fully functioning wardrobe with clothes actually hanging up, and of course the novelty of a door that actually shuts. I also found some dresses that I had not seen in quite some time…. it is like getting a new outfit without spending any money. 

The success with the wardrobe lead me to get on top of all the other mess that belongs to me in this house. The fun stuff of getting rid of half-empty shampoo bottles that I don’t use any more, and getting rid of old bits of make-up, and putting the newer, nicer bits in it’s place. All in all I found it to be a rather cathartic exercise, even taking the time to enjoy the mid-day sun with a couple of hours at the park. 

What I am most excited about however, is the lovely space that I have been able to create for me in the spare room. After emptying the desk of things we no longer use or need, I have transformed this corner into my own little space! A place where I keep my knitting magazines and books, my yarn stash and where I will sit and read/write/blog/make/do. I think  it is really important to have somewhere nice to be when you are being creative. I struggle with sitting on the sofa, balancing the laptop, legs curled under me,  correct posture completely out of the question. So now I have somewhere to sit properly, with lots of natural sunlight (now that we are getting some) and a connection to the craft community online. 


Do you have your own creative space? Xx




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