Exciting and Colourful Plans

Everyone loves a rainbow! Xx

Spring, albeit frosty, is upon us. Which means summer is only just around the corner (fingers crossed). I don’t see knitting as a particularly summery activity, and I really hope there won’t be a need for knitwear over the summer months. With this in mind, I have decided to spend the warmer months stock piling for autumn, when I hope to do some craft fairs to sell my knitted items. This will give me some time to up my skills and also try some more things. My Mum, who is designated Chief Knitter, is also going to help out.

It was very exciting when the first batch of materials arrived yesterday! We have decided to move away from the traditional colours used for baby knits (baby pink, powder blue, soft yellow) and go for more modern and bright colours. I think they are going to look great.

We now need to decide which patterns we want to use and decide which items we are going to make. I also want to invest in some lovely packaging with the Forget Me Knit logo on. There is lots to learn about the world of craft fairs, but luckily I have plenty of time.


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