knitting in the round

My circular project
My circular project

Perhaps I am getting a bit keen as my knitting career is in it’s infancy, but I literally want to learn everything – and fast! I have been knitting for 7 months now and not content with mastering the basics, I have already attempted to learn cable, entrelac and this weekend – knitting in the round. I am pleased to say that this was one of the more difficult techniques that I was actually able to grasp. (I am so not ready for cabling….)

I went to a brilliant workshop to see what exactly a circular needle was and how it could possibly work. I particularly like the notion of a seamless piece of work – I am not patient or neat enough when it comes to sewing together. We cast on 110 stitches to start off the gorgeous honey cowl pattern  and away we went. I can’t believe how nice it felt and how quickly it started to knit up! I took it home to finish off and I can’t wait to see what it comes out like.

Weirdly, this was my first time using a stitch marker, and I have since discovered there is a whole market out there that I have been missing out on.

We also looked at double pointed needles… at first, I could not get my head around using 4 needles at all… I got very tangled and never knew which needle I should be working on next! But somehow, it suddenly clicked and I managed to knit a little circle. It was very rewarding to struggle with a new concept and for it to suddenly make sense. Who knows, maybe one day I will be an excellent sock knitter!!

I am really enjoying attempting to learn all these new techniques, but I think now I need to  attempt to make some more complex garments… I am thinking a chunky cowl in the round.


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  1. Can’t believe how quickly you have picked all this up! You must be a natural!
    This looks so clever! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!

    Sam xx

  2. Knitting in the round is fun – and it gets rid of all that pesky purling. Suddenly miles of mindless stockinette knitting use their horror and can seem quite appealing…
    Keep up that “want to learn everything now” attitude – it’s a great way of thinking and will make sure you’ll never be afraid to try out new techniques.

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