Top 5 Knits for our Newborn

Now that November is here I feel like I should really start to embrace these cold, dark evenings and get my knitting needles out. There are so many things I would love to knit for our little boy and I am so excited to be having a winter baby who will need lots of lovely knitwear. I am going to make him a few items that hopefully he will wear but they will also be special to keep too. Even though Ted was a summer baby, I knitted him a little cardigan and put a lot of time and love into it – needless to say, he never wore it! For our winter baby, here are some of the things I am hoping to knit him:

5) Hat

I would really like to make him a hat to take into hospital with me. I knitted one for Ted too in cotton and he wore it on his first day. I have just about mastered knitting in the round so hope to knit it this way, maybe with a cute tassel or pom pom on the top too. I will be using a pattern from the gorgeous book “What to Knit When You’re Expecting“.


4) Mittens

I will also make him a pair of knitted mittens, hopefully that match the hat. We have lots of soft, cotton scratch mittens for him to wear but I’d like to make him a pair too. We also have the great baby grows that have mittens built in, so I will probably only make the one pair for when it is cold!

3) Garter Stitch Duffle Coat 

I really hope I get round to making one of these… they look so simple an effective! I love that it is garter stitch the whole way through, nice and simple but looks really effective. I actually have started making this, and have the left side completed, so perhaps I should pick up where I left off. I have use Drops Merino Extra fine in light grey blue – it is so soft and lovely! I am using a pattern similar to this Debbie Bliss one available on Ravelry.


2) Crochet Star Blanket

OK this is cheating on many levels because a) it is crochet and b) I have not made it… BUT it is so beautiful:


I have wanted one of these ever since I saw my talented twitter friend Mouse make a stunning rainbow one for her little girl. After several attempts with a crochet hook, YouTube tutorials, posts on forums – I decided I wasn’t that way inclined and was going to need help. I found a lovely lady on Facebook who makes these and she was happy for me to send her my yarn of choice for her to make it for me. She did it so quickly and I am really pleased with it! It is just what I wanted and it is going to be so special to have for our baby boy.

1) Booties

I have written about this before but I absolutely adore knitted booties. I love knitting them because they knit up so quickly and are just so cute. There is one pattern that I use all the time – it is so easy and you can vary it to make the booties more interesting or intricate. I first found the pattern in a book called “Knitty Gritty” by Aneeta Patel, but is is available for free online here. I will probably make several pairs of booties for our baby with all kinds of buttons and embellishments. I really had better get started….


Did you knit or crochet anything while you were waiting for your baby? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Xx

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