Use it or lose it!

My pretty purple knitted headband

For some reason, this weekend I seemed to have lost the knitting knack. I am working on a top secret gift for someone very special, and I just kept making mistakes! It is not even a particularly complicated pattern that I am following, but it just kept going wrong. Dropping stitches everyone, and when I tried to pick them up it just looked UGLY. I don’t know if I had spent too many days knit-free but somehow I totally lost the plot! I knitted up 120g of yarn before I decided it looked a total mess and frogged the lot. Nightmare. So now I am starting again at the beginning, so I am really feeling the pressure.

For a little bit of light relief I knitted up myself a cute purple garter-stitch headband, complete with pretty bow. I used chunky yarn, cast on 8 stitches and then kept knitting until the length of the work almost fitted around my head. (This way it will stretch when it goes on and not be too baggy!) To knit the bow, I knitted a rectangle and then a smaller rectangle which I used to pinch around the middle and sewed it up. I found this really satisfying to make as it knitted up so quickly and best of all, with no mistakes.

This week I will be in the zone to get my secret knitting project finished!


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