Aldi Baby and Toddler Event

I like Aldi.

Once you get your head around the till/packing situation and remember to take your carrier bags, it is a pretty positive experience. Often I am surprised at how cheap, tasty and fresh their produce is. I don’t do my weekly shop there, but only because we do ‘click & collect’ on-line for our grocery shopping which works out brilliantly. I do go to Aldi if there is something specific we need or if I am getting lots of food, say for a picnic, and want to save money. I really like all their household stuff – cling film, tin foil, sandwich bags – that kind of thing. But not enough to walk round the shop every week for an hour with a toddler who is bored. For now I will stick to on-line shopping, but if ever this was something Aldi started doing, I would be first in line!

The best thing about Aldi is their Specialbuy Events. I always check the website to see what is coming up next. Today is the Baby and Toddler Event which is always brilliant and I always make sure I go. We have already been this morning and picked up some bargains! My top picks are:

Mamia Nappy Sacks – 89p for 150

Calpol – £1.99

Flip It Cup with Straw – £1.99

Kiddylicious Apple Crisps – £1.49

Long Sleeved Bibs – £3.49 for 2

Hooded Towel – £2.99

But my favourite item by far is the infants’ tights. They are awesome! I love that they are unisex colours so I can use them for Ted, and really good value at £2.49 for 2 pairs. I think they are so good for layering in the winter, and it is really hard to find ones suitable for boys on the high street. These are perfect for boys and girls alike and really good quality too. I have stocked up for the winter and also bought a couple of pairs for the new baby.

There were loads of other great items that we just didn’t need – such as muslins, weaning products, a baby monitor and pram. The Aldi Baby Event is on in-store NOW – go check it out and let me know what bargains you choose in the comments below!

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