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When I heard that Amazon were offering a free baby box to Prime customers I assumed that it would be for new sign-ups only, and we have been members of Amazon Prime since Ted was born in 2014. We have found this service invaluable for the times when we have needed something but not wanted to go out where there are other humans. Sometimes we have even had the product delivered the same day – totally mad! We love Amazon as a family – from the subscription to our Tassimo coffee pods, to Amazon Instant Video to their brilliant flash sales. And now we have just enjoyed a sweet little delivery (Yes, on a Sunday) in the form of the Amazon Baby Box.

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Turns out this offer is not just for newbs – it is for Prime members who have completed the 30 day trial and who have created a baby wishlist. Tick and tick. We claimed ours on Friday and here it is already. Amazon claim the contents are worth over £40 and are must-have essentials for new parents. For me, anything that comes tied with a satin bow is well worth having, but what’s inside?

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Firstly, you are presented with a lovely little booklet, which is actually a good read and not patronising. Even though we are second time parents we both enjoyed reading through it. The booklet has been created in partnership with Graco, and tells you what you have in your box as well as some parenting tips and advice. It is a really nice added touch.

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The box is full of well-known branded products. Inside our box we got:

  • a Lamaze toy
  • a box of Organix porridge
  • a sample of Medela PurLan nipple cream
  • a sample of Weleda nappy cream
  • a Tomy Winnie the Pooh teether
  • a MAM bottle
  • Angel Care nappy bags
  • a SwaddleDesigns muslin swaddle

I am pretty impressed by the contents of the box! The Lamaze Giggle Bunny Ball (£8.49) is great because although we have a few Lamaze toys, it is nice for Arthur to have his own, as most of his toys will be handed down from his big brother. Lamaze is a great brand and we have loved their toys in the past. Same with the Tomy teether, another thing for Arthur to call his own and we will be glad to have it when teething comes around! The Organix porridge will come in handy when we start to wean Arthur and it is a product we would purchase ourselves. The samples look great and a handy size to pop in the nappy bag for when we are on the go. The Angelcare nappy bags are an interesting one – they are designed to go in a portable nappy dispenser which I can’t actually find on Amazon… I would be interested to see if we would like to use the dispenser, otherwise the nappy bags will definitely be used as they are. The MAM bottle will be used when I decide to stop breastfeeding – we used these with Ted and they were the ONLY brand he would take! They are anti-colic and and self-sterilising and we already know they are good.

And finally – the SwaddleDesigns muslin (£12.50) is probably my favourite item – not only because it is adorned with cute little panda faces, but because Arthur really likes to be swaddled. Giant muslin squares like this one are so useful – they can be re-purposed into a breastfeeding cover, sunshade or a blanket and I have no doubt it will be used loads!

Not bad for a free gift! If you were considering becoming a Prime member then this might just sway you. Xx


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