Dancing Shoes: Back On! #GiveMeAYAY

I am joining in with the #GiveMeAYay linky run by Chelle at The Mumington Post to celebrate my Yay moment from this month. The idea is to share your moments where you have done something just for you and taken time out for yourself.

You may already know that I have danced all through my childhood and that it has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I went on to study dance at University and I am a qualified dance teacher – something I am very proud of. I have always been involved in dance in some way or another, be it attending a class for my own enjoyment and development or teaching first dances to couples for their wedding day. After Ted was born in July 2014 it took me a really long time to step away from the baby zone and do something for myself, even if just for an hour. I was really struggling for a while and should have activated a bit of self care much sooner. Eventually, I found an amazing dance school and started taking street dance classes and even performed in a show with them!

Arthur is now almost 11 weeks old and I have already returned to my dance class. I knew it was something I needed to do for myself to give me a bit of ‘me’ time. Being at home all day with a baby and a toddler is a mixture of things – hard work, fun, tiring, rewarding but sometimes it can be a bit lonely. I have realised that social interaction is so important for me and my mood – I am a people person! As much as I enjoy being a mum to my two boys, I think it is important not to lose my identity and to carry on doing the things I love. I am loving the class I have joined – it’s great to get some exercise, listen to music and talk to other adults about anything but babies! (OK, sometimes we talk about the babies!) I find it gives me a real boost once I have been and it is becoming the highlight of my week. It is great to leave the house with nothing but a bottle of water and my car keys! If I have had a testing day with the boys, no sleep the night before and a messy house I still tell myself to go, and that I deserve that little bit if time away from the house to have a bit of fun. I know the boys are tucked up at home in bed and my husband is fine without me. He is really supportive and encourages me to go because he knows what a difference it makes to my day.

Have you had any YAY moments recently? Let me know in the comments below! Xx



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