I’m Going to #BML16

My name: Sarah Morgan (or Sarah Diane Morgan if we’ve chatted on Facebook!)
My blog: Forget Me Knit

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How I look:

This is my face:


I am hoping to look well rested as I will have had a full night’s sleep at the hotel the night before. Excited is an understatement!

Is this my first blogging event?

Yes it is… eeeek! Excited and nervous at the same time! I remember seeing the posts from the event last year and thinking that it looked amazing, so I can’t quite believe I am going to be there this year. It was a blogging goal of mine an I am so pleased to be able to go – with a little help from my fab sponsor, Turtle Tots. I am hoping to find some other newbies to hang out with!
I will be wearing… 

Not entirely decided yet… in fact I don’t know how this works… do you get changed for the evening event? Do I need a day to night outfit? ha! I think I will be wearing a lovely t-shirt from my sponsors during the day, and hoping to wear something lovely to the fringe event on the Friday night. It will make a welcome change from a mum bun, 2 year old maternity leggings and at least one item of clothing covered in baby milk / toddler snot.

What I hope to gain from #BML16:

Firstly I am hoping to meet some lovely people I chat to regularly in real life. (I am looking at you Budding Smiles, Clementine Rocks and The Dadventurer)

Secondly I am hoping to get lots of tips and ideas on how to successfully blog whilst looking after two small humans – who better to advise on this than a room full of parenting bloggers! I am also really looking forward to finding out more about Vlogging, something I am dabbling in on a project with my sponsor. I have lots of favourite vloggers and would love to learn more. There are so many amazing sessions – from SEO to monetising your blog – it’s going to be hard to chose which ones to go to.

I am also looking forward to a little me time – the boys will be having a fun weekend at home with their dad and I will get to venture out alone. I will miss the boys but know they will be absolutely fine at home and I will come back feeling refreshed and driven to be a super blogging mum of two!

My tips for a great conference:

My only experience of conferences have been from my former life working in HR so really the only one I can think of is… don’t drink too much wine. (Right Jaz and Elisha?!)

I think it will help to be pretty prepared – to know where everything is, who I hope to meet and what I hope to do.

Absolutely can’t wait! Are you going to BritMums Live 2016? Let me know in the comments below and I will see you there! Xx


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