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Well I am just over a week into life as a mummy of 2 under 2 and so far I am pleasantly surprised! Ted has taken pretty well to being an older brother and Arthur has just fitted in to our family life. He is a pretty chilled out guy. However, I think I am in the comfort zone as my husband is still on paternity leave, so it is very much a two man job at the moment. I keep thinking how will I cope when he is back at work! I have been doing some window shopping again, and have pulled together a wishlish of things that I think would make life easier as a mum to two small people.

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Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, Marine

Already it is clear to me that babywearing is going to be key to life with a toddler and a baby. We have a stretchy moby wrap which I have already been using around the house and a mei tai which I will use when Arthur is a little bit bigger. However, my dream carrier would be an Ergobaby – they just look so comfortable and sturdy! I love this design which is exclusive to John Lewis, and you can buy a newborn insert to keep your tiny one nice and snug.

Babymule Changing Bag

Another thing that has become apparent is that no matter how much I love my Pink Lining changing bag, it is really impractical. You can’t carry a newborn and hold on to a toddler with a bulky bag hanging from your shoulder. What I need is a backpack. With lots of space and compartments, but out the way on my back. I love this teal one from Babymule – it looks practical and just the thing!

Knitted Strip Personal Organiser

I am going to have to be seriously organised to keep up with friends and family and my two boys. Already I am rubbish at replying to texts and remembering things! I love this colourful personal organiser from Paperchase – I definitely need to invest in one!

Joules Woodhurst Lace-Up Muck Boots

I really think the key to surviving the days is to get outside! Ted has so much energy and as much as it would be lovely to snuggle up with my newborn every day it is just not fair on him. We are going to have to spend a lot of time outside exploring to keep sane. I have fallen in love with these absolutely gorgeous ‘muck boots’ (wellies to you and I!) from Joules – they are just lush.

Mamalila Babywearing Jacket

Following on from the previous point, I would love to have a babywearing jacket. I love the idea of Baby and I being snug and having my hands free to keep active with Ted. This jacket is very much out of my price range at £150, but one can dream! I have seen lots of cheaper alternatives on ebay which are very tempting….

Infruition Water Bottle

I had forgotten just how thirsty you get when you are breastfeeding! My husband is looking after me by getting me drinks every time I am feeding, but I am going to have to be more organised when I am going solo. I think one of these fruit infusion water bottles would be just the thing to have to hand at every feed. I love the idea and the thought of fresh, fruity water to keep me going.

Sear and Stew Slow Cooker

We actually already have this but I have just noticed they have a new version which is digital! The best thing about this is you can brown the meat in the slow cooker dish on the hob, without having to use a frying pan – and then add your other ingredients and switch it on – simple! I like to think I could have tea on the table when my husband comes in from work, but I think this is my only hope of doing so! We love using a slow cooker and already have lots of great recipes. Would love to upgrade to this.

Toucan Box Subscription

I think this would be the perfect thing to have for rainy days to keep Ted occupied. He is just starting to really get into crafting and colouring, and these lovely boxes come through your door with a craft activity and everything you need to make it. Perfect! You wouldn’t have to think up a fun activity and scramble around looking for elastic bands/pom poms/lolly sticks – your toddler gets a pre-made fun activity for when they need it the most. A great idea!

An extra pair of hands…?!

Seriously wishful thinking, but I am sure every day I will be wishing for this! I keep trying to work out the logistics of taking both boys out to the car, into a supermarket or cafe, or a playgroup. I think it is all going to be trial and error. Wish me luck!

Do you have any products that make your life easier with two under two? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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0 thoughts on “My 2 Under 2 Wishlist

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the back pack! I think I ditched our changing bag a couple of months in with our first but I just grabbed my old sports bags. This time with our second I’d also like to get a decent pack back with helpful compartments 👌🏻

    I’ve also just upgraded our slow cooker to a larger one to be able to prepare tea and also make enough to be able to freeze for those lazier days 😊

    I do think the most important thing on that whole list would be a the water bottle though and constantly think how I’m not going to be able to have all the drinks and snacks lined up next to me like last time lol

    Being 3 to 4 months behind you with our second child means I can pick up all your tried and tested tricks 😋

  2. Yes! A backpack! That’s exactly what I need too. How are you finding playing with/chasing Ted while baby wearing? It’s harder than I expected. I’ve given in and let my mum order a tandem pushchair for me.

  3. A brilliant wishlist lovely lady. I’d like one of everything!

    I love the idea of using a nice rucksack rather than a changing bag. Now that Rowan is walking he pretty much refuses to sit in his pushchair so trying to keep him safe and carrying a normal shoulder changing bag is actually a nightmare. The Babymule one you’ve picked out looks fab!

    I’ve been looking at the Toucan boxes for Rowan as he’s really starting to get into crafts and my imagination isn’t that great for coming up with ideas.

    Love the Joules boots too.

    Thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky 😀

    Laura x

  4. Love the idea of a fruit infused water bottle and today I have pinched your idea. Until I can find a nice girly one I decided to chuck lots of fruit into my Camelbak water bottle….so far it’s doing the trick!

    How have I never seen the Sear and Stew slow cooker?!?! I would die without my slow cooker; making family meals so much easier. It would save a lot of time and effort using the searing function to brown meat before cooking……Not always easy when you have a 3 year old climbing up your leg!



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