My Maternity Wardrobe

Since having my son in July 2014, my style has unsurprisingly slipped. My appearance is way down on the list of my priorities, and you will often find me wearing leggings, some kind of baggy top, my hair pulled back and not a dot of make-up on my weary face. This is very different to me pre-baby – I love clothes and fashion after having worked in retail for 7 years, and would never leave the house unless I was happy with what I saw in the mirror. Oh how times have changed!

Here I am in my second pregnancy and I am hoping to really #RockTheBump and not be a frump the entire 9 months. There are so many lovely maternity clothes available from high-street shops at reasonable prices, there really is no excuse! Now that Ted is mostly sleeping well at night and having a decent nap in the day, I am hoping to spend a little more time on myself – you always feel better when you have had a little bit of me time. I have got the maternity clothes down from the loft, but most of them are summery as Ted was born in July, and I am now expecting a January baby. I am really excited by the prospect of an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, I love knitwear and layering which I think will be key. I am hoping to treat myself to a few pieces along the way, as well as turn some of my summery maternity clothes into practical winter wear.

When I was pregnant with Ted I loved wearing floral dresses and long-line tops!

At the moment my favourite things to wear are over-bump leggings from New Look which were £14.99 for 2 pairs which I think is really good value – they are great quality too and not like the dreaded see through ones you often see. Depending on the weather they can be teamed up with a floaty summer dress and sandals, or a long-line vest, knitwear and boots. I think they are a staple item in the wardrobe!

I also love wearing long tops – normally I would avoid anything that clings around the tummy area but now that I have a pretty decent bump I am embracing it! For some reason most maternity stuff is stripy, so I have lots stripes hanging in my wardrobe. The weather is ever changing at the moment so I never quite know what to wear. I am definitely yet to find my pregnancy style this time around, so please let me know what you are loving in the comments below. I am particularly looking for a pair of blissfully comfortable maternity jeans, nursing tops and chunky knits! As a mum on a budget I am particularly impressed my the maternity collection at George at Asda – they have some great pieces and lots of gorgeous maternity pyjamas!

You can also check out my pinterest board here of some bits I have got my eye on! Xx

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  1. My faaaaavourite mat jeans were a pair of under bump boyfriend fit ones from Mamas and Papas that I got for £16 in the sale. I literally wore them through. I have a couple of wintery bits that I borrowed from Gina, I will dig them out for you xx

  2. I didn’t realise the leggings were that cheap in New Look. Will pop there for some more. Autumn/winter wadrobe should be great for us as we can layer like you say. The dress you are wearing in your last pregnancy is gorgeous. Kerry x #RockTheBump

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