My Top 5 High Street Shops for Baby & Toddler Clothes

I absolutely love dressing Ted and spent a lot of my pregnancy buying clothes for him as I awaited his arrival. Needless to say I had way too many clothes and he grew out of them all really quickly! There are so many great high street shops to buy practical, good quality and adorable baby clothes. Here are my top picks:

5) Matalan

Matalan is great for key staple items like bodsuits and babygrows. They are reasonably priced and great quality. Lots of Ted’s babygrows came from here and we will use them again for baby number 2. Matalan also often has offers via vouchercloud or myvouchercodes where you can save 20% off when you spend Β£30 – keep an eye out for these offers. I feel like Matalan often gets over-looked, but they have great sales and also fab maternity clothes.

4) Mothercare

Probably the most obvious choice, but for me it is a little on the pricey side – I love a bargain. I will happily root through the Mothercare sale and find lovely items. I have so far only bought one thing for bump, and this has been from Mothercare. I absolutely love the Little Bird range by Jools Oliver – filled with bright, rainbow-coloured clothes, baseball style t-shirts and vibrant prints. Garments from this range are instantly recognisable, and there is nothing comparable on the high street. We recently bought Ted a pair of wellies and a pair for jelly shoes from Mothercare (yes, the good ol’ British Summer!) using a gift voucher we had been given. Mothercare is also great because it has everything for baby under one roof, which is just what you need when shopping trips are no longer a leisure activity!

3) H&M

I LOVE the clothes in H&M kids! They do great offers on their basic range of bodysuits and joggers – a steal at 3 for the price of 2. Another great thing about H&M is they steer away from baby blue and powder pink, they use bright colours and their clothes are often unisex which is really refreshing. Highlights for me include their band t-shirts, tights that can be worn by a boy and newborn all in one sets with matching hat. I was also surprised to find that they do lovely bits for nurseries/ kids rooms in their home department – cot duvet sets, hooded towels and blankets and great storage solutions. Another place that do great sales too.

2) Boots

Although a small range, I really like Boots Mini Club. There is loads more available online than in-store, and I love their dungarees, brightly coloured romper suits and… SOCKS! Great socks and little slippers, perfect for keeping the smallest of feet nice and warm. There is often a 2 for Β£8 offer on their all-in-one outfits which come in gorgeous prints and wash up really well. They have really reasonably priced packs of sleepsuits and great essential items like bibs and muslins. I also like the fact you can collect your Boots Advantage points when spending on clothes.

1) Sainsbury’s

My top pick, and what Ted is dressed in 90% of the time, is Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s. Since he was born it has been our go-to place for his clothes. They are just so good! Amazing quality and a great price. They do great sets of sleepsuits with matching sets of bodysuits for layering, jeans and joggers, and cute prints on t-shirts. We have a great Batman sun safe suit for the beach, with matching hat and poncho-style towel. They have loads of character ranges, such as Spiderman, The Gruffalo, Minions, Frozen, Star Wars and even Peppa Pig (if you are in to that kind of thing!) They have outfits for all occasions, from casual every-day wear to smart matching sets. I feel like the range just gets better and better, and we are currently loving their London and seaside themed items. They currently have a great offer on babywear, 2 selected items for Β£4! We chose a pair of grey joggers with a London Bus print, and a t-shirt featuring Guardsmen. They have a great range in-store which is now available online – I highly recommend the click and collect option. Don’t forget you can collect your nectar points with your purchases and keep your eyes opened for their frequent 25% off clothing weekends!

I should also mention I adore the leggings from Blade and Rose who are launching new designs next week, and Ted has some beautiful handmade items from Handmade by Kiki Girl, which I will write more about soon!

We are hoping to find out baby number 2’s gender at our 20 week scan next month, and may well do a little bit of clothes shopping after that. We will happily use Ted’s baby clothes again but would like a few new items for our little one. Where do you buy your baby and toddler clothes, can you recommend anywhere for me? Please leave me a comment below to let me know! You can also check out my Pinterest Board of my current top high street picks for babies and toddlers. Xx

A Cornish Mum

8 thoughts on “My Top 5 High Street Shops for Baby & Toddler Clothes

  1. Like you out absolute favourite is little bird, I love the retro πŸ™‚ we have probably over 30 items little bird and the shoes are honestly amazing (being a bit of a shoe snob for my girls… Clarkes or start right, I was pleasantly surprise). Super comfy, flexible shoes for the little ones and fully breathable.

    We love h&m too, great prices and lovely items.. They do get a bit too grown up as you move onto the older kids clothes, especially for the girls. I mean really who wants to dress their four year old in a mini skirt, PVC trousers or hot pants!

    Sainburys is fantastic, we love tu πŸ™‚

    Blade and rose we also love and pretty reasonable too.

    We love Joules (but only if it’s an outlet), also cath kidston for a treat (but again only in an outlet store).

    Harley do some adorable bits and you can pick them up for great prices in tk max!

    And of course JoJo (I work there so can’t not list them πŸ˜‰ they are actually fab when they go into the full swing of sale (you can pick up things for Β£5 and they are lovely!

    Zulily online used to be one of our favourites, with daily deals we would pick up fantastic branded bargains, such as Powell craft, Toby tiger, start right. They seem to have had a refurb though and they are really lacking the fab brands they used to have.

    Great blog πŸ˜‰ xxx

    1. Hey Asher! Thanks for your comments! I didn’t realise you worked at JoJo! We love it too, bit expensive for me but like you say the sales are amazing – Ted got some bits from there for his birthday as well and the quality is fantastic. Your girls always look so well turned out, if we have a boy this time I will definitely be dressing them the same on occasion, I love it! I never look in tk max, will check them out πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Sainsburys is my favourite, I especially love it when they do their 25% offer! My son loves the gruffalo so I think he’s had every single Gruffalo item of clothing Sainsburys have ever sold since 2012 πŸ˜‰ I went in yesterday and bought 3 lovely tshirts, he didn’t need them but never mind!

    Love H & M too, you can get some really cool things like the Jurassic World vest I got my little boy.

    His wardrobe is far better than mine! #picknmix

  3. I’m going to jump on this post & add to H&M and Boots … H&M is one of the only high street retailers that cuts for cloth bums which we’ve found a god send because otherwise you have to buy the next size up and also Boots is 10 points per pound on baby items so every few months I always seem able to get a couple of outfits for free using my points. Love your list – totally agree with Tu at the top! Xx

    1. Thanks for having me! I just love all the lovely clothes out there at the moment, when we find out the gender of number 2 I think I might have a little shopping trip πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Boots mini range is really good, our local store is massive and has a really good selection instore. They always seem to have offers on as well. H&M is definitely a fav of mine.x

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