My Top 5 Second-Hand Bargains!

OK it’s 6 but that doesn’t sound as snappy!

I am a huge advocate of being thrifty when you can, and since having Ted I am always on the look out for a bargain. I love trawling through the posts on the local buying and selling page to grab a good deal. We have got so many great things without having to overspend to get them. So many times I have thought to myself “I think we could do with x” and found it really soon after for sale. Gumtree, Ebay, Charity Shops, Selling Sites – they are all your best friend when you are on maternity pay. Here are 5 of the top things I have bought second-hand and absolutely love!

5) Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo


 RRP: £60-£80 PAID: £40

No living room is complete without this brightly coloured, springy monstrosity. We got this from a Facebook selling site and it was in pretty good condition (perhaps a little wonky!) Whilst Ted didn’t really grasp the concept of bouncing in this thing, he loved being upright and playing with the toys on it. It was also great for baby storage when you need to make some lunch or pop to the loo! We loved this and it provided lots of entertainment for Ted. It is currently in the loft ready for when Baby No 2 fancies a go.

4) Moby Wrap

RRP £30-£40 PAID £15

RRP £30-£40 PAID £15

When Ted was a newborn, I found babywearing to be an absolute saviour. I loved the closeness but also the freedom of having my hands free. This wrap was so easy to put on by yourself and I probably wore him in it most days. He was a colicy baby and cried a lot in the evenings, so having him in a stretchy wrap was a really nice way to comfort him (and also be able to eat your tea!) We moved on to a mai tai sing after this one and I definitely plan to use both of these things with the new baby. I got this from Gumtree from someone who lived round the corner and it was an absolute bargain!

 3) Smart Trike

IMG_20150803_202136 (1)

RRP £60 – £100+ PAID £20

After seeing how much Ted loved his gorgeous wooden trike he got for his birthday, I thought I would see if I could find him a bargain Smart Trike for playing with outside. I love that it has a handle to manoeuvre him about with ease – great for a pregnant mama! His little friends have one of these too and we have all been out on a lovely walk together. It is great that it grows with the child, and one day he will be whizzing about using the peddles himself with no need for the handle. It also has a cute little sun shade which is such a great idea, I have found it gives more protection than his pram, so often use it if we need to pop out.

2) Puddle Suit


I don’t actually know how much this cost as it was bought for Ted by one of my lovely friends from a Facebook selling page. She amazed me because I mentioned that I was looking for one for Ted and she arrived at my house less than 12 hours later with one in immaculate condition and in the perfect size! It is a Zoggs puddle suit, so a great brand which shows by it’s brilliant quality. We went out to the park on a rainy day and this was so ideal – he got to play on the swings and even crawl about without getting wet and cold. We are off to Devon next week and a bit of rain won’t stop us going to explore the beach now that we have this!

1) LittleLife Backpack Carrier


RRP £60-£100+ PAID £20

This is our favourite purchase yet. I got this from a Facebook selling page and couldn’t believe my luck – normally items such as this that are such a well known brand really hold their value and can be sold for much more than I got this one for. My husband uses this ALL the time, most evenings he will take Ted for a walk in it when he gets home from work, and they often go off exploring at the weekend when I need to have a nap get things done. We have taken it to the farm, the balloon fiesta and out for long walks. Ted loves being high up and seeing everything, and I am pretty sure my husband likes it because of this:


And here is the bonus item – the cutest thing that cost me just £1! One English Pound!


No, not the baby, the Christmas pudding jumper. In fact, I bought him loads of Christmassy clothes second hand and loved dressing him up. I have already bought his Halloween outfit too – watch this space!

I am so pleased with the bargains I have got and will always be a thrifty person. Now that we are expecting our second child I will be on the look out for a double buggy, a bedside crib, and who knows, maybe even baby girl clothes if we end up Team Pink! What’s your best bargain? Let me know how you stay savvy in the comments below! Xx

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  1. I actually wouldn’t know where to start with all our selling site bathins!!!! I think the top number one for us has to be the £1300 mamas and papas cot bed, waredrobe and changing table/draws set that we only paid £200 for and had it delivered for free! We were only 4 weeks pregnant at the time so a risk but one that paid off big time!! Oh and number 2 on your list (puddle suit) was the grand total of £5 😜 xx

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