Our Week #FridayPhoneDump

Well our week, much like the weather, has been somewhat overcast by a nice helping of hand, foot and mouth disease for Ted. The week started well with a positive trip to the midwife (which, incidentally, is where I think he caught it from) but slowly went downhill as Ted’s mood changed. He starting being very grumpy and clingy and went off his food, which I initially found stressful. I thought he was teething, and he started to get a small rash around his mouth which I attributed to dribble…. then the rash just flared up out of nowhere, all over his little feet and hands.

The rest of the week has been a haze of little sleep and a very upset boy. Oh, and Cbeebies. Thank you Cbeebies, you have really helped this week. It has been really worrying whilst Ted would not eat or drink, he has pretty much lived off yoghurt and a few mouthfuls of pureed fruit this week, as well as some ice cream to try and tempt him! I am hoping he is turning a corner and on the mend, as he has started to have more of an appetite, but the rash still looks so sore. There is literally nothing worse than seeing your child so poorly, I have felt helpless all week. So here are a couple of photos from our week, but nothing exciting I’m afraid as we have mainly been indoors. Hoping for a more exciting week next week!
Sarah x
20151112_144907 20151112_092620 20151110_160948
 20151111_134333 20151111_190327 20151111_131055
Messy Stains and Growing Pains

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