Our Week – #FridayPhoneDump

Another week has passed of being a mummy to two under two and it has been, on the whole, pretty pleasant. I have managed to get out and about quite a bit and dealt with the challenges a cheeky toddler and small baby bring. (Including sandwiches stuck to the wall, drawing on the door and teething related tantrums!)


On Monday we just had a chilled out day at home – it was freezing cold and I didn’t feel like venturing out anywhere – which was a good job really! As ted woke from his nap boiling hot and miserable after refusing breakfast and lunch. His temperature was 38.4 and he was feeling very sorry for himself, so I gave him some calpol, made a cosy bed on the sofa and we spent the afternoon watching Peppa Pig and drinking smoothies. He often refuses solids and gets a temperature when he is teething, so I decided that is what it was, as I can see the last few teeth bursting to come through.


Tuesday was the most difficult day this week. Arthur decided to forget how to feed. He just would not latch and got very upset every time I tried to feed him. It was really quite stressful. I tried everything I could think of and it just wasn’t working. I made a desperate call to the Health Visitor and luckily one of them had a cancellation and popped in to see me. Of course, Arthur latched straight away while she was here, but was really fussy and bobbing on and off. The Health Visitor was really nice and gave me some helpful tips. He has been difficult to feed all week. Ted still wasn’t his usual self so we were all a bit out of sorts. I tried to do some blogging when both boys were napping at the same time but it lasted about 10 minutes. When Mr M got home from work I had a nice hot bath to try to destress and recharge. It made me feel much better!


Wednesday was a good day – we went to a local playgroup which is within walking distance from our house. When we arrived it turned out it was the 2nd birthday of the group and they were having a party! Ted ran around playing with all the toys and balloons, and got to enjoy a party feast too. He absolutely loved it. Arthur slept most of the time and made things easier for me. Cheers Arthur!


On Thursday I had a Doctors appointment and my helpful and kind friend came over with her little girl to sit with Ted whilst Arthur and I went over to the Doctors. Ted had a lovely play date whilst I discussed the fate of my gallstones.


On Friday we went to the stay and play at our local children’s centre. I am so impressed by the facilities there and everyone is really kind and friendly. They have loads of activities – play-doh, crafting, painting, a reading corner, a kitchen and loads of toys on the mat. Ted played with a broom most of the time we were there, but hey, he was happy! He also had his first experience of a felt-tip pen which he thought was pretty amazing.


Apart from the feeding issues, Arthur has been pretty much a delight. When he is awake he is wide-eyed and very alert, with the odd smile here and there. Just look at him!


On the whole it has been a nice week. What have you been up to? Why not join in with the #FridayPhoneDump linky too? Xx

Messy Stains and Growing Pains

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  1. The first smiles are amazing aren’t they? We’ve had a few here too and they just turn me to mush. I hope both your feeding issues and your stones are gone soon! Is Arthur a very different baby from Ted? Astrid is nothing like Iris was. She’s so much easier. I bet she’ll make me regret thinking that! xx

  2. Arthur is so sweet – hope he gets back into the swing of things with feeding soon 🙂 We love our local childrens centre too – just discovered it a few weeks ago and now we go twice a week. It’s such a lifeline #fridayphonedump

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