Our Week #FridayPhoneDump

Well it’s been a funny old week! Between Ted and I we have both been in strange moods – over tired, under the weather and teething. (Ted with the teething, not me!) I am joining up to this fab new linky that runs every Friday to show our week in pictures, as I take so many – so here are some highlights from our week.

I got some lovely mum-to-be treats which I will be reviewing soon on the blog – they came at a perfect time as I was feeling really exhausted on Monday so had a nice long bath in the evening to make myself feel better! On Tuesday Ted and I went for a nice coffee date at the new Caffe Nero that has opened in our area, and then we headed home for me to host my first ever Twitter Party for Wentworth Puzzles which was so much fun! My friend also popped round with her 2 beautiful girls but I didn’t take any photos – not like me at all!

Ted has been waking early again this week so lots of early morning and possibly too much Hey Duggee! But he has been quite out of sorts and unhappy – I think it’s teeth but I never really know! He has needed lots of cuddles and has had some episodes of crying which I couldn’t console which is very rare – nothing would distract him.

On Thursday I wanted to have a more productive day so we popped to my favourite place (Aldi) for a top-up shop and then I took Ted to a soft play to run off some steam. This soft play was pretty rubbish, not many toys and quite grubby. I am trying out all different ones in our local area so we can pick our favourites. On Thursday night Ted enjoyed watching the fireworks out the window with his Daddy and slept through an entire firework display our neighbours did in their garden!

Friday has been my favourite day of the week – I did loads of baking to take to our friend’s house which I loved doing and I even managed to nap when Ted napped – the dream. We had a lovely evening watching fireworks and eating yummy food with our friends, and Ted held a sparkler (unimpressed!) but was more interested in chasing their dog. A great end to our week! I will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am starting to feel it for sure, some days I wake up with no energy at all and sleep is escaping me. Better get used to it I suppose….

20151102_17305520151103_101857  20151103_125912 20151104_063531

20151104_093419 20151104_145326 20151104_161539 20151105_094236

20151105_094817                           20151105_092350 (2)

20151105_183258 20151106_194706 20151106_192014 20151106_195912

20151106_183238                          20151106_125104

I hope you had a good week too – why not join up to the #FridayPhoneDump linky by clicking on the badge below?

Messy Stains and Growing Pains

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  1. Wow! What a busy week! Ted has such a cheeky grin in that second photo! So cute! Dexter wasn’t very impressed with his firsts sparkler last year either and I’ve been far too lazy/tired to bother with anything like that this year lol.
    Wish I had a friends that would come and bake for me on a friday!
    Happy 30 weeks for tomorrow and thanks for both linking and sharing

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