Product Review: Jacob’s Cracker Crisps

When I received my bags of Jacob’s Cracker Crisps I wasn’t sure what to expect – is it a cracker? is it a crisp? Should I just eat my normal snack instead? But I wasn’t disappointed. This product is full of flavour, unbelievably moreish and they feel like a real treat. The Cracker Crisps come in three different flavours – Sour Cream and Chive, Thai Sweet Chilli and my particular favourite, Salt and Balsamic Vinegar. The bags are a good size at 150g – enough for sharing and saving some for later. They are a great alternative to a normal crisp, but still bite-sized, and in my opinion more flavoursome than most crisps. You could put them into smaller portions to add to a lunch box, or eat them at home with dips for a more substantial snack. They are light and tasty and as somebody who would normally opt for a sweet snack, I really enjoyed them and found them to be a very satisfying treat.

I would say the flavour choices seem very ‘safe’ options, and there is potential for Jacob’s to be bringing new, more unique flavours to the snack market – that said, these flavours are popular for a reason and I am sure would be most peoples preference.

Next time you are in the supermarket grab some of these and give them a try, let me know what you think! Xx

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