Review: Laundrapp

I was really excited when I received an email asking me try out a new laundry and dry cleaning service coming to Bristol. Laundrapp is a fantastic on-line service which allows you to outsource your laundry and dry cleaning at the tap of a button. Great for those who have busy lives, you can select the services you want, book a collection slot…. and that’s it! Everything else is done for you. Laundrapp will collect your items, take them away to carry out the service and then return them back to you in pristine condition. The future of laundry is here!

They offer a wide range of services at a very competitive price – you can have 6kg of normal laundry washed, tumbled dried, folded and returned to you for just £14.50. Great if you are feeling the pressure of fitting domestic chores around your busy life and need a little help, or even for one-off occasions like returning from holiday with no energy to face the suitcases of dirty laundry that need cleaning. Just let Laundrapp do it for you. You can also have your bedding and towelling laundered, including duvets!

They also offer a dry cleaning service for suits, formal wear, outdoor coats and jackets, with some great offers currently running. We took advantage of the “9 to 5” deal, which includes the cleaning of a two-piece suit and the wash, dry and ironing of five shirts for just £18. Firstly, I should let you in to a little secret… I don’t iron. My husband takes care of his own work attire, and every Sunday night (after making his lunch for the week and doing his laundry) he can be found ironing five shirts for the week ahead. I know, I am a terrible wife. I actually ironed his shirts once for him when we were first married… but he asked me not to do it again. It really isn’t my strong point. So it was really great to take advantage of this offer and give my husband a break from sorting out his shirts, we were able to have a really nice family weekend together without worrying about what chores needed to be completed. There is another offer running which sees just the five shirts washed and ironed for only £10 – I think this is such great value and it is definitely something we would consider again if we had a busy weekend planned. The shirts arrived on Monday perfectly on time (in fact, a little earlier than my booked slot!) and they were beautifully hung and wrapped. My husband was really impressed and has gone to work every day this week looking incredibly smart. He also now has an immaculate suit hanging in the wardrobe for my best friend’s wedding in December – perfect!

I also opted to have two big bath towels laundered – I often really struggle with cleaning towels and forget how heavy they get when wet in a domestic washer. They have been returned in great condition, smelling fresh and I didn’t have to deal with it! I love the idea that Laundrapp can take towels, bedding, even tablecloths for that professional finish.

I would absolutely recommend this app and service to anyone who is struggling to keep up with their chores and wants to enjoy family time rather than doing laundry, or anyone who needs a break. That is the beauty of Laundrapp, you just order the services as and when you need them, you don’t have to commit to regular orders. You can download Laundrapp in your AppStore or from Google Play or Amazon Apps, and I would also recommend following them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with offers – I received a DM with a code for 5 free shirts so definitely worth it! Just be sure to check the service is available in your area by entering your postcode and then there is no stopping you.

*DISCLAIMER* I was given a free voucher for the cost of my services in return for a review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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