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We live in the vibrant city of Bristol and we have recently decided we are going to try to make more of an effort to get out exploring. There is always so much going on and so many open spaces to explore. Ted is never happier than when outside, roaming free and being active. He has always been a very agile and fearless toddler – climbing, jumping and generally giving me a heart attack at any given opportunity. He got his first scooter when he was 2 – and took to it straight away. We have a great local skate park and he has been known to attempt the ramps and curbs without batting an eyelid. His scooter has taken some beating over the last year, to the point where the screws and bolts had become loose and it was no longer safe to use. The handlebars were not tight anymore and it had seen better days. This is why the opportunity to try out the SmarTrike T3 scooter couldn’t have come at a better time! As soon as it arrived we headed straight into the city to test it out at Millenium Square.

The scooter itself is quick and easy to set up, with minimal assembly. Just click the handle bars into the footplate, lock it in place and you are ready to go! The scooter feels secure and sturdy and has two stages – stage 1 the handlebars are locked tight to allow your child to balance and gain confidence, and stage 2 which enables your child to ride freestyle, tilting in order to manoeuvre around. It is a great first scooter for this reason and one that can grow as they do.

Scooter Description and Specifications:

The 2 stage T3 scooter by smarTrike, lets your little one have their independence and freedom to explore new adventures. But it also gives them stability when they need it. Suitable for children from the age of 2 and up, the T3 has two adaptable stages that help improve your child’s motor skills in a fun and innovative way. It starts as a three wheeled trike and then when they have learned the basics you can move it to a two wheeler by pushing the two front wheels together.

Tilting handle bar with soft-touch rubber grip handles.

Swiss design.

Easy to reach rear foot brake.

Elastomer mechanism design.

Tpr rubber surface footplate.

  • Folds for storage.
  • Anti-slip footplate.
  • Easy grip handles.
  • Size H63, W26.5cm.
  • Weight 2.3kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 20kg.
  • Minimal assembly.
  • For ages 2 years and over


Ted literally jumped straight on and was away. He scooted around Millenium Square, getting faster and more confident with each stride. He was whizzing around with ease and I could barely keep up with him! He was having so much fun and turning the head of his little brother, who is not quite two yet, but clearly wanted to have a go! Arthur was on his SmarTrike Breeze but I don’t think it will be long before he gives the scooter a try. I think it would be the perfect first scooter to learn on, so hopefully Ted will be willing to share.


Ted scooted all the way across the harbourside and to amphitheatre (which, in hindsight, is waaay too close to the water!) He loved soaking up the sights across the harbour and watching the boats from the comfort of his scooter. The wide rubber foot plate seems to give it a more stable base and a sturdier grip, the handles are at the perfect height and the entire design is asthetically pleasing and is the perfect size for Ted. We would highly recommend this product if you are on the look out for a scooter, it would make a great christmas gift. It comes in purple or blue and is available in a variety of places such as Amazon and Argos.

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*DISCLAIMER* We were sent the SmarTrike T3 Scooter to review, however all words (except official product description), opinions and images are my own.


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