Ted’s Alternative Advent

I have written before that we are starting new Christmas traditions this year as our family is growing and Ted is getting older and more interactive. We have got his Christmas Eve Box ready for the 24th! Something we will be doing, starting on Tuesday, is a book advent. I have seen these before on Pinterest and Facebook and thought it is just such a lovely idea. It works by having 25 books wrapped up and numbered 1 – 25, and every evening during the period of advent you read a new book to count down to Christmas day. Ted absolutely loves having stories read to him and I think this is such a lovely tradition to start as a family – next year he will be able to do it with his little brother!


I have also mentioned that I am some-what on a budget, so my idea was to limit myself to spending £10 on this by scouting out local charity shops or bring-and-buy sales to get the 25 books needed. However, I heard about a fantastic local company called Just So Books who do an advent bundle for just £8 – and they come individually wrapped! What a bargain! I even had my bundle delivered. This weekend Ted’s Aunties came to visit and helped me number the books and set them out in his bookcase – so we are all set! I can’t wait for tomorrow night to open the first one together.

I definitely want to continue this countdown to Christmas and my sister has had a good idea and adapted it slightly – she has managed to somehow procure 25 Christmas themed books for her book advent, so that she can use them every year with her family. I think this is a brilliant idea and I might endeavour to find Christmas books for next year!

We are also going to be doing Elf on the Shelf. Kind of. I have seen this rise in popularity over the last few years and I absolutely love the hilarious photos and creative ideas people come up with. The official Elf on the Shelf is a little bit pricey (and dare I say, a bit creepy looking..?!) but a lovely fellow blogger Unicorn Mummy tweeted about a great alternative she had found, I was too tempted and have had to join in. I had got a very cute, hat-wearing Santa’s Little Helper from Argos. He was a bargain at just £10, but we also got him as part of a 3 for 2 deal on toys, so he was even more of a bargain and he is lovely! I think there are rules for Elf on the Shelf – such as you aren’t allowed to touch him and it is used for older children as a behaviour incentive. We won’t be doing anything like that – I will just hide him amongst Ted’s toys doing something silly for him to discover when he comes down in the morning. I already have a spreadsheet of ideas on the go! I hope he will enjoy it and you can see what our Santa’s Little Helper gets up to on my Instagram.

What will you be doing this advent? Let me know in the comments below! Xx


4 thoughts on “Ted’s Alternative Advent

  1. This sounds fun! We might do elf on the shelf style things when Thea is a bit older, I saw an idea on The Imagination Tree where the elf is a ‘kindness elf’ and leaves suggestions of nice things the kids to do. We’ve also got a wooden nativity scene and we’re going to read a party of the nativity story each night and out out the relevant characters for her to play with. And we’ve got my fave Christmas book from childhood to read on Christmas Eve-Jolly Old Santa Claus!

    1. Ah that sounds so lovely, Becca! Yes, Ted is too young to understand really but I think he will just like playing with it and I am going to make a den and leave activities and stuff so it will be fun. Really like the idea of it being about kindness when he is old enough to understand, how lovely! I love that story too – I am so excited for Christmas this year. Hope you and your family have a lovely one xxx

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