Ted’s Easter Basket

Whilst I don’t mind Ted eating the occasional bit of chocolate, I didn’t want to get him a big chocolate egg for Easter. This year, Easter means spending time together at home as a family and I wanted to get him a few little treats. I have pulled together an Easter basket for him with lots of lovely things:


Happy Bunny Top – Cribstar Official

I love the monochrome trend at the moment and thought this top was just so cute! Whilst it is appropriate for Easter he will still be able to wear it all year long. I got it in size 2-3 so he will be wearing it for a while!

Foam Carrot Rocket – Sainsburys

Ted is into throwing things in a big way… not ideal with a small baby in the house! I saw this and thought it was hilarious and that he would actually love it.

Chick Egg Cup – Sainsburys

I saw this and it made me realise that Ted has never had a boiled egg and soldiers! I think he would love it, so that is breakfast sorted on Easter Sunday!

Peppa Pig Sticker Activity Book

I thought this was cute and it is appropriately Easter themed. We will be spending a lot of time in the house over Easter so it will keep him occupied. He loves stickers but most of all, he loves Peppa Pig. (Oink!)

Jumbo Crayons – Wilko

To go with the activity book – you can never have too many crayons.

Bunny Socks – Snowflakes and Sunflowers

We were sent this as part of a recent review and I thought they were perfect to go in his Easter basket. I love the design and the quality of the socks – you can read more about them here.

There are also a few little bits of chocolate as a treat!.

Of course, I couldn’t forget Arthur! His first Easter and our first as a family of four. Not that he will remember it or know what is going on, I have got him a couple of Easter themed bits:


That’s Not My Bunny Book

I love this series of books and their sensory element. We will read this to him and no doubt Ted will like it too!

Deck Shoes – TU at Sainsburys 

I saw these in their 25% off promotion (which is on right now!) and couldn’t resist! I got them in the next size up as he is just growing SO fast! I think they will look really cute with a pair of jeans.

Sleepytot Bunny

This is the best thing we ever bought for Ted – it is a comforter and dummy keeper. Ted loves his and still uses it today – it is integral part of his bedtime routine. They are great for babies to find their dummies in the night when they fall out and stop the frequent wakings just to pop the dummy back in. It will be great for Arthur when he is older.

Have you treated your little one this Easter? Let me know in the comments below! Xx


0 thoughts on “Ted’s Easter Basket

  1. I’m so disorganised this year, I’ve picked up one egg! We don’t like to buy to many eggs either, we not all but little surprise eggs instead and dot them around the house 🙂 I hope you have a lovely Easter,I’m sure Ted will life his basket!

  2. Gone a bit mad this year. Got George a huge Easter chick soft toy, some plastic eggs that you can put things in. I have picked up some little chicks and rabbits to go in them then going to hide them round the house for an egg hunt! Also got him an egg toy which makes noises and is a shape sorter too. Can’t wait for Easter to start!

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