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I am learning about a  blogging phenomenon and apparently award season is upon us. Since being pregnant with my second child, I have rekindled my blog and spent more time working on it and growing my readership. I have had some amazing opportunities through my blog and reviewed some fantastic products and I love the blogging community I have become part of. I am very aware than compared to others my blog is small, but I am proud of it none the less. That is why I would love to be nominated for a MAD Blog Award.

MAD stands for Mum and Dad and is a celebration of parenting blogs. You don’t have to be mad to blog but it sure helps. I am about 101% sure I won’t be shortlisted and I am OK with that, but I thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon. I have seen the MAD Blog awards described as giving your favourite bloggers a hug, so I will be nominating my favourite bloggers and who knows, I might get a couple of hugs in return.

Also, I have seen photos of Dr. Ranj involved with the MAD Blog Awards and quite frankly, I love him.

I would love to be nominated in the Best Pregnancy Blog category, as I have really enjoyed writing about my journey initially becoming a mum for the first time, and now a mum of two under two. I am really proud of my pregnancy posts including my Pregnancy Announcement, Gender Reveal, a look at what Autumn meant to me, the challenges of being pregnant with a toddler and my guide on the last few weeks of pregnancy to name a few. My hope is that these posts made someone smile or not feel alone with the challenges of pregnancy. If you liked reading about my pregnancy, I would love it if you would vote for me!

There are several other categories you can vote in and here is a handy guide to who will be getting my vote if you fancy voting for some others too!

Blog of The YearBrummyMumof2 gets my vote for this one. I just really like her! She is so honest and normal and funny. I love her Wicked Wednesdays linky and her use of YouTube when her kids wake up too early. Legend.

Best Baby Blog – Hannah from HiBabyBlog has got my vote. Not only is her little girl Luisa super cute, but she has a great style of writing and covers a variety of things on her blog. Big fan.

Best Preschool Blog – My vote goes to Leslie from MessyBlogUK. I feel like Leslie and I are living a similar life, juggling a toddler and a baby. I love all her crafty posts and her love of learning through play.

Best Writer – My vote for this particular category goes to Hannah from Budding Smiles. I love the tone of all of her posts and how honest she is. Hannah clearly adores her little boy Toby and writes about him with such warmth – it is a joy to read. She has also been very candid about her pregnancy so far and I enjoy following her journey.

Best New Blog – My vote here goes to lovely Laura at Mummy LaLa. I am in awe of the fact her blog is under a year old and how great she is doing! She seems super organised and has loads of interesting features and series on her blog. I love how her blog looks and the things she writes about. She also seems like a ruddy nice person whose eye liner is on point. Oh, and Rowan is adorable!

There are some other categories too but I have not decided who to vote for for those just yet. Who is your favourite blogger?

If you would like to vote for me for Best Pregnancy Blog please click here and enter my blog url which is You have to vote for your favourite blog of the year before you can get to the pregnancy blog category. Thanks so much! Xx




6 thoughts on “The MAD Blog Awards

  1. Aw thank you so much for this! I’ve never paid any attention to these awards before, Like you, I feel that my blog is small in a huge blogging world and would never expect be shortlisted let alone win. but somehow, this year I seem to have gotten swept up in it!
    I’ve got Hannah down as my nom for best writer too. For many reasons but mainly because she’s so anal with grammar. It would be a travesty if she didn’t win based on that alone. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that. I’m still deciding who to vote for on so many other categories. There are just so many for each category its crazy! Who knew there were this many active bloggers?!

    1. I have just submitted my votes, took me ages for some of the categories!
      I know I don’t even have a tiny chance but I thought it was nice for a bit of fun, I can’t wait until they announce the short list. So many great blogs out there, so inspiring! xx

  2. Awww, thank you so much. This means so much to me and your comments are really lovely 😃 I’m in great company with the nominations you’ve made.


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