A Wedding With a One Year Old

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Romance, speeches, beautiful dresses and champagne flowing! This weekend we learnt that going to a wedding with a one year old makes it a very different experience. We travelled up to Sheffield to attend our friend’s wedding – our first wedding with a toddler in-tow. We had all the important bases covered: cute outfit – check, copious amounts of snacks – check, every toy that entertains Ted for more than 30 seconds – check. Once we had got over the hurdle of my husband not remembering his shirt (it’s funny now but at the time… not so much) we were ready to watch our friends tie the knot.

The venue was absolutely beautiful, set in the leafy countryside of Sheffield and had a gorgeous Autumnal feel to it. We took our seats to wait for the ceremony to begin and it wasn’t long before Ted made it clear he was not into sitting still. In fact, he was very vocal about it. In the space of 5 minutes we tried a dummy, a teething necklace, a breadstick, a peg, some blocks, before he settled on us reading some teeny tiny books to him. Phew, we thought. But he soon had enough of Mr.Tumble’s miniature library and started up again. This time he settled down after sitting on the floor playing with an empty bottle in my bag. Fine. We got to watch our friends say their beautifully worded vows to each other before it started again, so my husband made a quick decision and took him outside. We didn’t want to spoil to the lovely moment, and I have a sneaky suspicion the people sitting next to us were very grateful.


The bride and groom had been so thoughtful at gearing their special day towards children, Ted even had his own special favours – jelly sweets made from natural fruit juices. We were so lucky with how child-friendly this wedding was – there was a play room with soft play, a ball pit and toys. Ted had a brilliant time burning off some energy in there, although I think my husband might have enjoyed it more…


Ted was an absolute angel during the wedding breakfast and got to try lots of new delicious food. We were sat with some lovely people who commented on how well behaved he was being – I felt really proud of him. When the speeches began he decided he had enough so he went to play again and have a run around the beautiful grounds. Ted wore himself out and by the time it got to 7pm, he was exhausted from all the excitement. We tried to stay as long as possible but he was just so tired we had to head back to our hotel before the party really kicked off. We had a wonderful day and were so pleased to have been part of our friend’s special day. We had tried to be as prepared as we could thinking of what Ted might need throughout the day, but they really did have all bases covered.

IMG-20150919-WA0029 (1)  20150919_154939 (1)

We bedded down for the night at a local Premier Inn which was also a pretty positive experience, really clean and modern with a cot provided. Although Ted seemed to prefer our bed:

IMG_20150920_071137 (1)

We have had a great weekend spending time together – although being wedding guests isn’t about drinking and dancing any more, it was so nice being together as a family. Have you been to a wedding with your toddler? Let me know how it went in the comments below! Xx


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  1. My sister (bridesmaid!) saw about three nano seconds of my wedding because my 18month old niece was not going to sit and decided to explore the church! My Mum held her while my sister acted as our witness!

    1. Oh bless! I guess to be fair it is not in a toddler’s nature to sit still and quiet, they want to get exploring! It can be a challenge just to entertain them at the best of times! Glad your sister still got to be your witness xx

  2. We got lucky with Iris at the wedding we went to a few weeks ago! She fell asleep just before the ceremony started and woke up just as it finished! Then she slept again in the afternoon and kept dancing til about 10pm! I was expecting it to be a bit of a disaster, but her nap timings just worked out perfectly. Weddings are a totally different experience as a parent, aren’t they? Especially as a pregnant parent. I’d never done a whole wedding day while sober before! 😝

    1. Ha, that’s amazing! Ted won’t nap in his pram any more. I am a bridesmaid in December – a big pregnant bridesmaid with a toddler…. it is going to be interesting to say the least!! And yes it was very odd without a few glasses of bubbly! Xx

  3. I am glad you had a lovely time together. I tried to take Baby to a wedding when she was about 5 weeks old! Nightmare! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

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