Arthur’s 4 Week Update

Arthur is 4 weeks old! The time has flown by. He has a lovely temperament and has fitted into our family nicely. I think it has helped that we already have a routine for Ted, and Arthur just goes along with whatever we are doing. He seems very calm and can cope with the noises around him that having a 19 month old brother brings. Ted absolutely adores him, and constantly wants to give him a ’tiss’! (kiss) I can already tell they are going to have a lovely bond growing up together.


He seemed so tiny when we first brought him home and newborn clothes were too big for him, we had to get some tiny baby bits even though he was 7lbs 11oz! He is feeding really well and when the Health Visitor came this week he weighed 9lbs 9oz – amazing! He is wearing his newborn sized clothes now and I am sure it won’t be long until he is in 0-3. I forgot just how quickly this part goes. He has had some periods of cluster feeding but I just went with it to help establish my milk supply. He did however get a sore face after a 12 hour feeding frenzy in the early weeks and I introduced a dummy as we both needed a rest. He is thriving and I am really pleased breastfeeding has gone so well. Sometimes he can be fussy when trying to feed but will keep it up for as long as it works for us.


Arthur is having lots of awake periods with his eyes wide open which is really lovely. He is starting to really look at us and engage – and best of all we have had his first smiles this week which has been really special. He has started to really enjoy the bath this week too and loves us pouring warm water over his tummy. I wear him a lot in a sling to keep my hands free for Ted and he seems to enjoy it. We went to a playgroup this week and Arthur was really chilled out and made it easy (ish!) for us. I spent most of the time trying to avoid Ted getting paint on other people’s children.


Arthur is sleeping fairly normally for a newborn, he wakes a few times to feed and some nights is easy to settle back down, others not so easy. He seems to sleep best when he is swaddled so we wrap him up at night. He has done the occasional 4 – 5 hour stint of sleep which as been amazing, but he normally wakes up every 2 to 3.

This was my first week alone with both boys as Mr M was back to work (except Wednesday when he worked from home so I could go to a hospital appointment… so not really a full week!) and I have been pleasantly surprised. I am trying to find some groups for us all to go to and see which ones are most do-able with two small people.

Wish me luck!


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  1. You really are a natural mother of two! It’s so lovely to watch. I love how much Arthur is awake and you get to see his beautiful eyes. It’s so great what a brilliant big brother Ted is being too. I just can’t believe Arthur is 4 weeks already- time really does go so quickly. I love the new photo of him in his bouncer 😘 Xx

  2. Awesome that your first week alone went well. So glad. Loving the little bird dungas too, they’re like Paisley’s but hers are purple with an apple instead of rainbow. I love our babies were born so close together, I’m going to enjoy reading your updates.
    Take care 🙂

    1. Thank you! I know, it is going to be nice to follow them week by week! I love Little Bird clothes so much! I could spend a fortune if I let loose. Are you going to BritMums Live? Would be nice to meet you in real life! xx

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