Ding Ding Ding… Round Two!

Our Pregnancy Announcement

So the cat is officially out the bag and we have announced to our friends and family that we are expecting our second baby in January 2016. It was so good to finally share the news with everyone… I am not very good at keeping secrets! We are so excited for our family to be growing and for Ted to have a new friend to play with. This pregnancy is already flying by which I am told is true the second time around. I have enjoyed (!) the added layer this time of taking Ted with me to my midwife appointments and he even had to come to the twelve week scan with us. It was really strange having him there  at the hospital he was born at and brought back many memories. I am looking forward to recording my pregnancy journey and this is the first of many pregnancy updates!

Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks

Cravings: This time round I have really fancied some pretty random stuff. In the first few weeks I was really thirsty, the same as with Ted, and only ice old drinks would do. More recently though I have craved Coke! I am not normally into fizzy drinks and I would normally opt for diet but I have been wanting the real stuff. I have been making do with the gold version… sugar and caffeine free – I think it is for the best when pregnant! I have also really wanted red meat which I suppose isn’t too strange, and it’s a good source of iron which I am sure my body has needed. However, the weirdest thing I have craved so far has been those foam banana sweets! Another thing I haven’t really been into but for some reason I wanted them.

Sickness: When I was pregnant with Ted I was horrendously sick all day every day from 5 weeks to 16 weeks. I was just so poorly and really struggled with it, so was worried how I would cope this time around running around after a baby whilst pregnant. Initially it wasn’t anywhere near as bad and I felt pretty good, just really exhausted all the time. However as the pregnancy has continued it has just got worse and worse, and is really bad at the moment. Whoever says it stops at 12 weeks is a liar! Really hoping it stops soon!

Gender: Obviously it is too early to know the gender at this point but people have asked me if we will be finding out. We would really like to. I think it will be good to visualise our family unit, as well as the practical side of things like sorting out baby clothes. We really have no preference either way – if it’s another boy it will be lovely for Ted to have a brother to grow up with, and if it’s a girl it will be lovely for us to experience being a parent to one of each. All we can ask for is a healthy baby! (that sleeps more than it’s brother did…. can we ask for that?!)

Bump: According to my handy little app the baby is currently the size of a tangerine, but I am already sporting a bump. I feel like everything has pushed up, and wasn’t expecting my clothes to stop fitting me so early on! I think my husband will be up in the loft this weekend getting the maternity clothes out….

Do you have any tips for dealing with pregnancy sickness whilst looking after a baby? I’d love to hear them!

Sarah Xx

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