Feeding My Toddler – Keeping It Real

If you follow me on Instagram, you will be used to my pictures of my lunchtime endeavours for Ted. I love baking and making things look pretty, so let me loose in the kitchen with a star-shaped cookie cutter and I am a happy lady. As a stay-at-home Mum I often feel like I should be able to account better for my time (rightly or wrongly, I might add) – and that often means baking or creating things so I feel like I have achieved something productive that day. On the days when Ted and I don’t get out, remain in our pyjamas and I spend his nap time watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, I often end up feeling pretty crappy about it and wish I had done better that day. So that is where the food comes in, I feel like I am doing something good for Ted.

The only problem is… at the moment he is bordering impossible to feed. I wrote a while ago about our journey weaning him and it was a pretty positive post as we were in a good place when it came to meal times. Not any more. He pretty much rejects most of what we offer him at the moment. At lunch time I like to give him finger foods, and once again it is ending up on the floor, only this time he says “uh oh!” as he is doing it. I really want him to try a variety of foods and keep trying to make him interesting and healthy things, and I also keep offering the things he is rejecting on another day. I don’t know if it is teeth, a phase, or maybe I am a bad cook, but he isn’t really eating anything. There is a select few foods I can guarantee he will eat – porridge, pureed fruit, melon (“meemon”), ham (“mam”), cheese, and of course yoghurt, (“gog gog”). I am not sure if it is better or worse that he can tell me what he wants now, after presenting him with something I have freshly baked and he asks for a yoghurt I feel pretty deflated!

Yesterday I was feeling well despite the 5:30am wake up and decided to spend Ted’s nap time making him cheese, ham and red pepper egg muffins for his lunch, and I even punched out star shaped pieces of sweet potato to go with them and roasted them in the oven. I couldn’t wait for him to wake up from his nap and have his lunch.

20151019_122138 IMG_20151019_123911

He ate none of it. Zero. It all ended up on the floor. He put a piece of egg in his mouth (which he has eaten fine before) and looked at me like I was trying to poison him. He asked for pasta (“bap bap”). When I make him pasta, I literally cook a handful of macaroni and dump a load of grated cheese on it while it is still warm, and stir it until it melts. That’s it. I don’t even make a roux. I made a star-shaped ham base for these muffins! Doesn’t know that?! I also made a banana and peach loaf yesterday which he wouldn’t eat for lunch but would at snack time. Go figure. It was delicious.

My husband feeds Ted his dinner when he gets in from work and I often hear him using his best negotiating skills trying to persuade him to eat. He referred to him as a “tiny, unreasonable King” recently, which is exactly what it is like as his sits in his throne high-chair. It is like a game that we don’t know the rules too – so far we understand that Ted needs to be holding his own spoon or fork even if we are the ones feeding him. We have been trying to feed him the same as us which Ted finds outrageous – he won’t even eat mashed potato… who doesn’t like mashed potato? We used to always know that he would eat the pre-prepared toddler meals and would give him them for tea for ease, but he is even rejecting them at the moment. He is living off the few foods that I mentioned before, with the occasional slice of toast. I am hoping it is just a phase and will keep persevering, but today he can have “bap bap” for lunch and I will not be switching on the oven.

So don’t let my snack snaps fool you – feeding is not going well right now! Do you have a fussy eater? What do you do to try to encourage them to eat different food? I’d love some tips in the comment below! Xx

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