He’s Here!

Phew. I did it.

At 6.50am yesterday morning, we welcomed baby Arthur into the world. All 7lbs 11oz of him. And we are utterly in love with him and so is his big brother. (We think…)

I had been having aches and pains and strong braxton hicks for weeks before my due date and found it really frustrating when they didn’t progress into anything more. Once again I waved Hello and Goodbye to my due date and got more and more frustrated waiting for something to happen. At my 4o+1 I had a midwife appointment with a different midwife to my usual, who told me I should have been referred for a growth scan, and completed the paperwork. I got called in for the scan at 40+4 and everything was fine, but my blood pressure was high again, so they decided to run some other tests.

I got a phone call the next day from the hospital to say my results had come back in and some of them were of concern alongside my high blood pressure and that they were worried about pre-eclampsia, and I should come in right away, prepared for them potentially breaking my waters to start things off. (I was already dilating) A number of stressful and uneventful hours later we were back home – the hospital was too busy, and nobody could decide what to do with me so there had been lots of debate. In the end a Doctor advised I go on the waiting list to come back the following day, so I did, and we waited for the phone call.

I had had my heart set on experiencing spontaneous labour, but at this point I was ready. We got called to Southmead at 6pm Saturday night when a bed became available on the delivery suite. In my panic and excitement I forgot my yellow notes and my poor Dad had to drive all the way over to the hospital to bring them for me! But we made it, and it was going to happen.


My waters were broken at 11pm and I was given 2 hours for my body to progress into established labour. 2 hours became 3 hours and although I was having lots of contractions and walking around the room, nothing became regular and labour did not establish fully on my own. I was a bit disappointed and when I knew the next step was the hormone drip I knew I was in for a long and painful night. I asked for an epidural. The hormone drip is not my friend.

After lots of faffing and needles and machines and contractions and canulas I was in established labour. It’s all a bit of blur at this point. I went from 3cm to 9cm in an hour and a half. I told the midwife I wanted to push. She said not yet. I kept telling her I couldn’t stop it.

IMG-20160124-WA0001 (1)

and I really couldn’t.

Arthur came into this world very quickly and unexpectedly – it was all so fast and dramatic but not scary. I knew he was coming. He was put straight onto my chest for skin to skin and he was absolutely perfect. Big eyes and a novelty chin, just like his brother.

I am so happy finally be holding this gorgeous little boy. We came home late last night and I feel like he has always been here. Ted got to meet him this morning and has given him lots of kisses and cuddles. I am sure it is a lot for him to take in and we all have a period of adjustment ahead of us, but we are so happy to have Arthur make us a family of four. We are complete. Xx


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  1. Ah, I cried! Possibly my own hormones caused that a bit, but I’m just so happy for you that he’s hear! That picture of them together. Oh my! I hope you’re recovering well lovely. xxxx

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