I Survived Two Under Two!

I feel like for 6 sweet months I was part of a secret club that no-one fully understands unless they have been part of it: The Two Under Two Club. A toddler and a newborn is an interesting combination – masses of energy mixed with sleep deprivation is a challenging concoction – but I survived. It was a period of my life that I will always remember very fondly and do you know what… I rather enjoyed.

Of course there were the difficult days, when the toddler refused to nap and the baby was having a feeding marathon, but I felt very calm and content with my two sidekicks. Ted adored his baby brother from the moment he met him, and has been gentle and sweet with him ever since. That has made a big difference on how easy it’s been to cope. Arthur was a very content newborn, happy to be put down and listen to his brother’s garbled commentary about trains and play-doh. He slept fairly well, waking for feeds and going back down afterwards – something I had not experienced the first time round, so it felt like a small miracle. During my pregnancy with Arthur I felt anxious as to how I would cope with two babies, if I could be enough for them both. Despite changing more nappies a day than I can count, it has been a really special experience. I now recommend a small age gap to everyone I meet!

Here are some of my tips to survive two under two:

  • Babywear! It is great to be able to have your hands free to play with/ restrain your active toddler, and baby gets what they need being so close to you. It can also mean you don’t need to take out the double buggy if you are just nipping to the shops. I often had Arthur in the sling around the house to get things done and know that he is safe and feeling nurtured.
  • Plan Ahead – I know the last thing you want to do in the evening is prepare for the following day, but it really does make things easier. Re-stocking nappies in your changing bag, laying out clothes and making a lunchbox for the toddler. It makes leaving the house so much easier if you have things ready.
  • Toddler Activities for Feeding – However you choose to feed your baby, it is nice for it to be a quiet, calm time – which is pretty difficult with a toddler on the scene. I had some special toys and activities I only got out when I needed to feed Arthur, so that Ted was occupied during that time. Sometimes I read to him whilst I fed too which worked well.
  • Dust If You Must – but really, don’t worry about it. Housework is not as important as enjoying the early days with your newborn and watching your toddler grow and develop. Accept that you can’t do it all and you feel much happier.
  • Self-Care – with two small people to care for, it is easier to forget about yourself. But don’t – you are just as important. Steal some time for a soak in the bath, a nap or a walk around the block alone. It is OK to ask for help and give yourself a break – it will make you you much happier in the long run.

Now that Ted is Two I have been kicked out of the club, but I am still doing the juggling act of a small age gap. Arthur is now mobile and Ted is his usual curious and excitable self – but it really is lovely. I love watching their strong bond develop and seeing them playing and interacting together (and dressing them in matching outfits…….). Some days are good and some days are hard – but I take each one as it comes and know I won’t ever get this time back.

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Do you have a small age gap with your children? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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One thought on “I Survived Two Under Two!

  1. Yes! I’ve also got two under two, 18 months between mine. Now my baby boy is 5 months and my daughter nearly 2. I have to say it’s so much easier now than those first few newborn months which I personally found tough. My daughter was full on tantruming from 10 months when I found out I was pregnant, which made me question whether we had done the right thing.
    We don’t have any family around (neither of our parents are with us anymore either) which meant we were literally running this ship alone. When Raphaël came along he was the sweetest baby. Fitting in with everything, hardly ever crying bless him and even falling into Gabriella’s nap times quite early on!!
    The hardest part for me was finding the safe places to go with them both as G wanted l be off climbing big slides etc that needed my attention, mainly while I was feeding R., and still very demanding.
    Now she’s that little bit older it’s becoming a lot more fun to be with them both and I can see now that we’ve done the right thing. She’s started to speak a lot more in these past two months and she’s a lot calmer with a really fun personality coming through. She and her brother seem to get along so well and she’s so gentle with him. I’m so looking forward to seeing them grow up together and have a special relationship of their own. There’s 18 months between me and my younger brother and we are still close to this day. So no matter how hard those first few months are (and I’m still getting up twice a night with my hungry chubber!) it’s definitely so worth it. I just need to find a babysitter so we can start making some time for us as a couple again now!

    So lovely to hear your story, thanks for sharing xx

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