‘Mummy Bloggers’ – Beware of You

Right now we are living in a culture where we can instantly share our thoughts, feelings and opinions on social media – and boy, we do! I love social media and use it a lot, (too much) and I write infrequent blog posts when something is on my mind, usually with a humorous vibe but largley about parenthood.  I don’t know if I am a frequent or engaging enough poster to be a “Mummy Blogger” but that is an actual term. I know some and I read lots of these blogs, but recently some posts have made me uncomfortable and I wanted to write about it.

With this platform available to us, we need to really think about what we are writing. I am tired of reading people’s opinions on parenting presented as FACT. It is damaging. You may get lots of “likes” and followers from your post, from like-minded mothers who agree with your sentiments, who are also strong in their opinions and approach to parenting. What concerns me is the mum who is having a difficult time who stumbles upon your blog or tweet or Facebook post, who needs support but is left feeling judged and like a failure because of your words. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion and to bring up your baby however you like – but there is no need to present your approach as correct or superior. I have read some really scathing posts recently, and it saddens me to think how someone, somewhere could have read the same post and been negatively affected. I think it is really important to consider what you are writing and who could be reading it.

I am guilty of this – I have shared my opinions in a way that has offended people, and I feel bad about it. I am now making a concious effort to not come across as judgemental or unapproachable with what I write. This is because I know what is is like as a mum – you question everything you do. You research everything. You read the posts on MumsNet/Babycentre, even though it makes no different what ‘Mummy2Harry14’ thinks about breastfeeding v formula feeding. You feel guilty every time someone is doing something different to you and it seems to be working.

Don’t add to this guilt culture. Say something positive, encouraging. Be supportive.

It’s hard enough as it is.

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4 thoughts on “‘Mummy Bloggers’ – Beware of You

  1. Interesting read, I understand where you are coming from and it’s a shame when this happens. When I write I’m always conscious of issues like this and hope I come across as ‘opinion’ and not ‘factual’. But some may argue it’s their blog and they are entitled to write what they want. However, if it’s advice they are giving they should be aware that every baby/child/mum/dad is different and have different experiences, and their ‘advice’ may not be suitable for everyone. Alex x #mummymonday

  2. I’ve often been left feeling as though I’m “wrong” in the way I do things when I’ve read posts before and instead of leaving a comment I simply retreat back into my world and say nothing. We’re all different and that’s fine, so long as we’re bringing up our children to the best of OUR ability we shouldn’t need to feel guilty because of how others do things. Great Post, nice to see issues addressed! 🙂
    Becki xx

  3. ah I can understand where you are coming from on this with the whole opinion being presented as fact and that is wrong. I am always open to peoples opinions, I would never judge because I am very much every one is different and what is best for them is not best for another. But I am aware others aren’t as open minded as I am.

    thank you for linking up to #mummymonday – Love Gemma – host xo

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