Pregnant with a Toddler

When I was pregnant with Ted I pretty much felt like I was Mary with my precious load – I didn’t lift ANYTHING, I napped as and when I felt necessary and I took plenty of rest in the form of laying on the sofa watching Real Housewives of Everywhere. (Seriously, I watched them all, every series, every episode. Man I love that show.) When I was at work people cooed over my bump and brought me mugs of tea, opened doors for me and generally treated me like a princess as I sat behind the reception desk on a yoga ball. When I finished work I napped and knitted, drinking iced raspberry leaf tea. On reflection, it was a pretty amazing time.

Now, I spend my day looking after a “spirited”, “active” and “curious” toddler who not only doesn’t really understand that I am pregnant, he also doesn’t care. Why would he? He is 16 months old and has a lot of exploring to do, but I for one am struggling to keep up. Turns out you can’t opt for light duties or call in sick when you have a child to look after. Ted is exceptionally physical, always on the move – running, climbing, pushing, pulling, grabbing – whilst I run behind him doing damage limitation. I have often compared him to the Tazmanian Devil but with better manners and less teeth. I can’t tell you how many times a day I say “get down!” or “be careful!” It is not possible nor fair to lay on the sofa any more watching my beloved Housewives and actually I would now question their very definition of housewife, now that I am one, but that’s another story.

In the first trimester it was an interesting challenge to deal with morning sickness with a spectator, but luckily my sickness wasn’t quite as bad this time round. As the waves of tiredness and nausea swept over me, I had to really push on to get through those early days keeping Ted entertained whilst trying not to be sick on his Megabloks. Then came along the second trimester and I felt like the fog had lifted and I could cope again. I baked, kept the house fairly clean and tidy, faffed about with bento lunches for Ted and softplay was a breeze. I had energy, I was winning – everything was going to be fine!

And now? The third trimester? I feel rubbish again. Sleep is escaping me, either because of the baby in utero or the toddler in cot. The thought of softplay gives me a headache and minimal effort is going into mealtimes, as quite frankly, most of it is ending up on the floor at the moment. Ted climbs all over me and bump and I am sure his little brother has some scores to settle already. Simple things like lifting Ted in and out his car seat are painful and a struggle and on the bad days I feel guilty that I am not taking him to enough exciting places. This week my husband is on annual leave and we have had some really fun days – it is so much more possible with an extra pair of hands. He has been taking care of both me and Ted and I have had naps and much needed rest. Ted has been swimming, for lots of walks, to the farm and see the Christmas decorations and we have a few more things planned. I hope he is having a fun week and it will make up for the days when I struggle to take him somewhere fun.

I keep reminding myself that many women have experienced pregnancy with a toddler and I will survive! I am excited and blessed to be having two little boys who I hope will grow up to be the best of friends. Are / were you pregnant with a toddler? I would love to hear any tips on getting by below! Xx


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  1. I’m in the same boat and with a 17month old and 16weeks pregnant. It’s challenging to say the least as I too have a very spirited little girl! I look up to you and your positive second trimester and hope I get that nice little burst of energy. One day this will all be a blur and we’ll have two little spirited toddlers running around 😋 xx

  2. I can’t totally, totally understand! My work treated me badly during Toby’s pregnancy so at 31 weeks my midwife signed me off… Simple! If only this time! I’ve still not hit the second trimester glow even though I’m nearly half way through it and given our boys are the same age I can absolutely sympathise with the running around after them, trying to avoid a potential trip to A&E whilst keeping them sufficiently entertained! I hope you do manage to get a bit of rest before baby arrives lovely xx

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