Pretend Play at Home

Recently Ted as started to enjoy pretend play, and I am loving watching and joining in with him and the scenarios he creates. He loves to put Mr M’s shoes on and then tell me he is going to work, closing the living room door behind him. He comes straight back in and tells me what he has been up to and gives me a kiss, just like when Mr M comes home. He also loves his cuddly animals and is really gentle and tender with them, cradling and kissing them and pushing them around in his toy stroller.

I think pretend play is so important and I try to do whatever I can to encourage and enhance it at home. Ted has some lovely toys that he uses to pretend carrying out domestic chores – his own little hoover (which he calls a noo-noo!) a little dustpan and brush and even his very own mop.  He also loves pretending to make things in the kitchen, putting things into a bowl and using a big wooden spoon to ‘mix mix mix!’

His newest pretend play activity is washing up, and he can spend up to half an hour stood on a chair at the sink playing in the water and bubbles. We have been using Ecover washing up liquid so I know it is kind and gentle on his sensitive skin. He loves pouring the water from bowl to cup, squeezing out the sponge and generally splashing around. I love water play because it is so easy to clean up – just a change of clothes and a big towel and nobody would ever know that moments before your kitchen resembled a pond!

IMG_20160824_195817 IMG_20160824_195855 IMG_20160824_195941 IMG_20160824_200049

You can read my full review of Ecover here!

What do your little ones enjoy doing for pretend play? Let me know in the comments below! Xx
*DISCLAIMER* This post was written in collaboration with Ecover and Talk to Mums, but all words, opinions and photographs are my own.

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